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Friday, February 22, 2008

what a NIGHT!!!........

wowowowow...i am SO TIRED right now....we had an AWEFUL NIGHTMARISH night last night...where do i start???

well, in our house, ILLNESS seems to LIVE there...i am pretty sure we get mail sent to our home ADDRESS to ILLNESS!!! so, matthew had been junky, but not really "sick" since 11th of was his "usual" junky congested CHRONIC LUNG DISEASE self going fever and he was doing really well with his oxygen sats and his treatments....well, then ALEX started to cough on friday, 15th and then JOSH started on the 16th....well, everyone had NO FEVER just coughing....well, by sunday, alex was really hacking away and so was josh so i decided to go ahead and take josh & alex to the dr on monday and NOT matthew because he was doing fine even with all the congestion (remember he is CHRONIC LUNG)...SO, came back with the diagnosis of COLD/allergies...sooo on we go....matthew was same old self, alex was coughing less (with some cough meds from dr) and josh was coughing MORE and doing more of a "chocking" cough and also started with a fever that night...well, it just got worst for josh and i was getting ready to take him in on friday morning....

fast forward to LAST NIGHT....OMG...this night was the kinda night where i felt SO ALONE and SO OVERWHELMED with everything, wishing so hard that JAMES would be home!!! at about 7p, we came up stairs (i had no nurse) and matthew was just NOT himself....he was BURNING UP and just listless....after about 140cc of his formula, he started to, i KNEW he was i put him in the tub for a bath and turned on the A/C cause it was HOT upstairs and then did our normal bedtime routine with meds and vest and such....well, his temp was 102.7!! so i gave him some motrin and went on...well, at about 1030, matthew sarts to whine and cry and start to cough, he ended up THROWING UP and he was BURNING UP still!!! oxygen sats were horrible and he was just miserable.....i called ask a nurse to find out some info when in walks alex into my room and he is crying...and them WHAM....he THREW UP!!! OMG, i am HORRIBLE about that!! so i rush him to the bathroom and get him settled in front of the toilet when matthew starts up AGAIN and i run over there and check on him and AGAIN he is burning up, throwing up, coughin, oxygen sat are horrible, heartrate is OVER 220!!! so then alex calls and off i go over there cause he is throwing up and back and forth ALL NIGHT LONG until AFTER 2AM!!! it was HORRIBLE!!! and THANK YOU GOD, HE heard my prayers and if you can believe it JOSH slept thru it ALL!!! for the first time and i was not there to ENJOY his sleeping in!! :) but THANK GOD HE took care of him for me!!

so, in the morning, matthew is still sick and we decided to take josh and matthew to the dr.....THANK YOU GOD ABOVE, my MIL stayed with ALEX while i took the other 2 boys to the drs and then i found out that JOSHUA has BRONCHITIS and a DOUBLE ear infection and then MATTHEW has STREP!!! OMG!!!!! i was in SHOCK!! the dr was in shock when he heard JOSH and mentioned the word ASTHMA to me!! well both xrays were CLEAR for both boys and the RSV was clear for josh ....both boys are on ANTIBIOTICS and joshua is also on ZOPENEX neb treatments.....boy....and right now, matthew's fever has NOT been broken so we are doing alternating tylenol (4hrs) and motrin(6hrs) to help him with the PAIN and the FEVER!!!!

ANYWAY, i really miss my husband and i wish he was here now more than was REALLY a bad night and i am so tired....i am ready to fall asleep but i am also worried what will happen!! i have my alarm set up to ring every 4 and 6 hours so i can give him his will be a LONG NIGHT...please, pray for these boys...


Holly said...

I am so sorry for you. At least you were not completely alone :) God was there comforting Joshua that is clear. I will keep you all in my prayers.