Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

sleep study tonight....

for matthew...this is #4?? the new pulmonologist wants to make SURE that he does not have any sleep apnea anymore....aparently, the last place we went to a year ago ALWAYS says that everything is fine!! so he just wants to double check!!

james is going to have a ROUGH night tonight!! he will stay home with both alex and JOSHUA....did i mention that JOSHUA still nurses at night?!?!?! hehehehehehe....poor daddy! well, the only advice i could give hime is to remain CALM and to just offer him the sippy cup!!! he will be FINE but i can't wait for the morning to hear about it!!

as for me....well, can you say, LOOKING FORWARD TO IT?!?!?! come on, you have to admit that a night where i can LAY on my STOMACH or my BACK and not have a child attatched (i call myself a human pacifier) is a night worth it?? i will be taking my book and my ipod and just RELAXING!! :) or so i hope!

anyway, any good thoughts or prayers will be appreciated!!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


you know, i just don't understand people.....last month, we had our truck broken into and had a lot of valuable things stolen and our glass broken etc....well, today, IN BROAD DAYLIGHT AGAIN, one of our SNOW GLOBES (inflateables) was stolen from the front of our home!!! just had to happen this morning...WHY are people soooo evil?? it just makes no sense to me....and this thing was ANCORED DOWN by my husband by army stakes deep into the ground and they were still willing to pull it out...make noooo sense...when i got home from the dentist, and we noticed it was missing, i called james who was soooo upset about it...he put so much effort and love into the decorating of our home that for someone to steal it......anyway, the boys and i walked down our street making SURE that the wind had not carried it away or something ( a cold front moved in with high winds) but we were walking, my beautiful boy said to me, "mommy, if those people wanted the snow globe, they should have just asked to borrow it, we would have let them..not steal it..that is just not nice!" awwww......

Monday, December 08, 2008


WELL, it has been a CRAZY 4 weeks....we have enjoyed our thanksgiving with our husband & daddy this made it soooo much more special having him here with us! it was a WONDERFUL DAY!!!!!

matthew got sick on us about a week before thanksgiving...just a head cold..nothing major....he got over that in a couple of days but then just last weekend (the weekend of thanksgiving) he caught something else....we did not go to the dr and just we just kept trucking along...this one, he had in his chest so we did TONS of nebs and suctioning....he also had wheezing and it was starting to affect his oxygen sats (this weekend he was on oxygen for sleeping and he was border line 90-92 while asleep) so i snuck him in on an appt for joshua (we are still having weight issues with him (19lbs at 15 months)) and he agreeded that he did have wheezing and a red throat and we would check with strep...he said i don't think it will show up because he is ALREADY on can catch VIRUSES on antibiotics but not something like strep...or so we thought! it came back POSITIVE....that is VERY WORRISOME because if it is not working with OMNICEPH (his antibiotic) that is SCARY! a super bug?? so we are now also on AUGMENTIN for 10 days....i am really worried about it! he is going to cultur it and find out what happens...

please keep him in thought and prayer....i am worried......