Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

bad news for him....

but GOOD news for US!! :) JAMES just found out that his class, that he was going to have to be away the whole month of feb, was FULL so he had to cancel....sooo, we were all prepared for him to be away for a month but unfortunately for him, they were FULL!! it is not really great because he needs those classes for his E7 promotion ( which he JUST got the position for that slot!!)....sooo, now we have to wait until another one opens up....but i told him that there was a REASON for everything and something will open up at the EXACT TIME he needs to go!! so, now we get to GO TO CORPUS as a family AGAIN on the weekend of the 14th in our RV for a wedding...(we are going to be going this weekend for a bridal shower).and we get to go to THE RODEO this month too!! :) i was prepared for him to be away again but i am VERY happy he gets to stay HOME!!! he was going to be in NORTH CAROLINA somwhere...

anyway, the boys and i are happy and we are just SOOOO PEOUD OF HIM!!!!!!! he got a new position and he is really enjoying himself....YAYAYAYAYAYA...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

results are IN....

well, we got the results for the SLEEP STUDY done in december and basically everything was ok BUT he did have MILD SLEEP APNEA....i was SHOCKED! he said that it only happened about once an hour...i asked him how he would know and he said that it happened during REM sleep and it would cause him to wake up briefly and fall back to sleep pretty quickly....sounds about RIGHT!! he does do that and that would make sense...since he already had his tonsil and adnoids out, then he said we would just continue to monitor him to see what happenes...

then onto the 24 HOUR HALTER MONITOR....we went to see the cardiologist on monday and she was VERY HAPPY with matthew!!!! YIPPEEE!!! it had been 6 months since we saw her and that was the longest we had been without seeing a cardiologist...she is really amazed that with all the drama he had and with him having had infradiaphragmatic TAPVR, which is the worst possible thing you can have with TAPVR...she is just AMAZED!! soooo am i ! she said that she did not have to do another ECHO because she was very pleased with the last 2 and that his VEINS ARE WIDE OPEN, THANK YOU GOD!!!! just a miracle!!! we are soooo happy! she did say that during the EKG they did that he had some PVC (Premature ventricular contraction) but just one in 12 seconds...she said that while she was listening to his heart that she heart a couple more BUT she said she was not worried...she EXCECTED to hear some ESPECIALLY since he had so much trauma to his heart! but we did a halter monitor anyway and she said that he looked great and that there were some there but not more that a couple an hour....and they were spaced apart so that she was not worried....she wants to see us in A YEAR!!! WWOOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! a YEAR!!! just amazing!! we are soooo happy!!!!

ANYWAY, we are just hanging out right now....enjoying spring in winter,...just BEAUTIFUL out here in texas!!!! love the WEATHER!!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! 2008 is gone...

AND BRING ON 2009!!! wowow, first, sorry i have not kept up as i SHOULD in my blog...the last days of the year were a bit CRAZY with trying to get everything ready for CHRISTMAS!! but we had so much FUN doing it! james was off for 17 plus days and we just made the MOST OF IT!! during that time, matthew got his NEW SET OF WHEELS!!! yep, he got his KID WALK walker!! oooohhh, i am sooo HAPPY WITH IT and he LOVES IT!! where before, he would shut down in his gait trainer....on the 2nd day we got it, he RAN!!! yes, you read right, he RAN...we were in our culdesac and we were playing TAG with him and he was chasing us and just was the BEST THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!!! here is a small video of him when he first got the KID WALK at the therapy session:

daddy was on the phone and i was TRYING to get him to walk in it!! you can say our little hippie josh running around in there!!! proud of him!

well, on the 23rd, we remember that LAST YEAR (2007), he was arriving HOME at the airport to be with us for R&R!!! AWWWW....anyway, we had a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS and the boys made out like BANDITS!!!! Santa dropped by and gave them some goodies!! the boys left the cookies, milk and carrots for them and in the morning, alex was sooo ready to GO!! Thier EYES when they saw all the was so funny when alex kept unwrapping gifts from SANTA for a WII game and he kept saying, 'i don't know what is wrong with santa! he keeps giving us this WII game!" and there were 4 of them and he was just sooo cute when he kept expressing his disbelief that he had got it all wrong!! sooo, i james andi kept playing along and the LAST gift he opened was THE WII from mom & dad and he was soooooooooo EXCITED!! he said, santa sure knows what ya'll got us!!" i just hope that we can continue the magic of Christmas for the boys!! it has been soooo much FUN!! you never know how much fun it is until you are a parent!!! anyway, we had a DRAMA with joshua and matthew....santa had brought light sabers for alex and matthew but not for josh...well, he was NOT TOO HAPPY ABOUT THAT!!! here is the video of it!! tooo funny!

i was laughing soooo hard thru it!!! santa ended up dropping one off later in the WEEK!! but oh, they were both soooo cute!!

and on Christmas day, we had a get together at the house and we had so much FUN! i loved it because it was low keyed and just special to have our family there. THANK YOU GOD it was just a WONDERFUL Christmas day!! and then on the 26th, we had more family over for a small BBQ....needless to say, after a total of 3 parties (we had one on new years eve), the 1st floor of my home had never been sooooo clean!! :) anyway, the first weekend of the year, we ended up just relaxing and going downtown to see the was really nice and we also had our neice with us.

soooo, 2009 is HERE!!! hard to believe that GOD WILLING...ALEX will turn 7!!! MATTHEW will turn 5!!! and JOSHUA will turn 2!!!!!1 oooooohhhh!!! i just PRAY to GOD that we see those milestones this year!! My husband is on his way to becoming an E7 this year....he applied for an E7 position and we just PRAY that he does get it....we are so PROUD OF HIM!!!

soooo, HAPPY 2009!!! we pray that everyone will be BLESSED, SAFE and HAPPY this year! We will continue to just pray for health and safetly for all!!