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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

matthew finally....

sat in the GROCERY BASKET FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!! wooooohoooooo!!! really, he is over 2 and has NEVER NEVER sat in the basket!! why? you ask, well, they are SOOOOOOO DIRTY and we are sooooo cautious of him catching something!! and trust me, almost EVERY time alex has gotten sick it has been from those darn BASKETS even if we wipe them down and then wipe his hands with cleaner!! but i had no choice! i HATE having to ask anyone to go with me so that matthew can sit in his stroller. usually, i don't do ANY grocery shopping or shopping that i will actually need my basket unless james is home and we do it as a family. james is away until this weekend, remember? sometimes, my MIL will offer to go with me. and dont' get me wrong, she is ALWAYS saying she is more than happy to go with me but i just don't like to bother her or anyone, you know? ANYWAY, i wiped down the basket with clorox wipes, then i put on the basket saftey thing we bought for ALEX way back when (incidently we are going to by that one that goes ALL over the basket VERY SOON!!) AND THEN i put a BLANKET all over the basket so he couldn't touch anything but cloth!! i know, worry wart but this kid doesn NOT need to catch anything right now or ever!!! and for him, catching a COLD or BUG means, OXYGEN, NEB TREATMENS EVERY 4 HOURS, SUCTIONING, ORAL STEROIDS, INCREASE OF HIS INHALED STEROIDS, ETC ETC....his lungs are not the best and i just HATE when he gets sick! and now with us changing his siezure meds......which by the way we started last good!

anyway, it was nice....he didnt' know what to make of it at first!! and he is still REALLY FLOPPY so he was not steadily sitting in his seat...i had to keep righting him because he kept going to the side! anyway, he had a blast ESPECIALLY doing the throw down game...he would grab my grocery list and throw it on the floor all the while SCREAMING and laughing and trying to look over the side to see if he could see it! and then getting mad when i would not give it back to him so he could do it all over again!! SUCH A CUTIE! big brother did great too!

i am getting excited because tonight is GIRL NIGHT OUT!!! it was suppose to be tomorrow but there was a change in plans!! anyway, i am having a new buddy bekki come join us! and then i believe sandra might be there too! i think we are going to watch the de vinci code?! we shall see! w e are going to the ALAMO DRAFT HOUSE!!

can't wait for daddy to get home!!! SOOOOOOOONNNNN......


Bekki said...

That is great! Gives you just one more bit of confidence in this journey. I was going to say that I would go with you, but I assure you, my four would make you go bonkers! LOL
Can't wait for tonight!