Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

we are sadly leaving MO today...

TODAY was a quiet day filled with getting stuff together to leave that night. we were planning to head out of town by 5 pm or so and drive thru the night..the families came back in the morning to say good bye to everyone as they were leaving back to st was sad to see them go because i had such a GREAT time with them!! and also alex had made a new friend out of LANDON one of the youngest...they were EVERYWHERE together yesterday!!

anyway, after they left, we packed up and took aunt and uncle out for some LUNNER at crackle barrel!! YUMMYY!!!! we had a nice lunner!! after we got back, we went to see grandpa before we left. it was nice to sit and talk to him for a bit and just enjoy being with him....james said that he was afraid that this would be the last time we saw him alive....that was sad to hear! GOD WILLING that won't be the case!! we are hoping to make it out there once a year at the least!! it is SOOOO BEAUTIFUL out there!!

anyway, we packed up and headed out by 5pm or so. i had the first shift driving so that james could drive thru the night...did i mention i had night blindness?!?! anyway, i drove for 4 hours (thru KANSAS and thru all that PASTURE LAND where there is NOTHING but COWS!! for more than 2 hours! really! it is BEAUTIFUL but that was the stretch i was worried about with matthew! but THANK GOD we made it!!) we then stopped and james came over to the front and i took over the back....i decided to nap so that i could start driving again. the plan was, to visit BASS PRO SHOP in grapevine tx when we got to dallas on monday...