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Saturday, August 26, 2006

another SEIZURE....

last night, at about 10 pm, he had another was WAY DIFFERENT than the others in that it started on his LEFT FOOT and that is actually what alerted me! his leg was moving back and forth over the sheets making that SH-SH sound and i was like, 'WHAT IS THAT?!" and there it was...i wasn't even sure it WAS siezure!! i called james over and we deteremed it was, so we got the oxygen and i got his DIASTAT and by the time i got him turned on his side his left hand started to clench and unclench....he was NOT salivating EXCESSIVELY like usual so that was different to! but THANK GOD after about 7 mins from the diastat, he stopped....what scares me is that i thought iwas going to be another BIG one but some INSTICT again told me it was going to be ok, not to call EMS....he stopped! and then about an hour later, he had fallen asleep, as i was watching the monitor, his heart rate went UP and his oxygen sats DROPPED and i was like WHAT IS GOING ON! jumped up and his eyes were WIDE AND STARING!!! talk about FREAKED ME OUT!!!!!!!!! yikes! i told james, go ahead and call ems....they came (he had fallen asleep) and i told them what happened and they told me we needed to transport him because the THIRD time could be the charm!!!! and with his history, it is better to just get him checked out and then sent home instead of possibly him getting a BIG off we went (midnight), there nice and quietly....stayed there for about 4 hours and then went home. they gave him a dose of ADIVANT and then watched him for about 2 hours and then sent him home.......they changed his dose AGAIN!!! we are now on 250 mg (from 200 mg) of ZONEGRAN....that VAGAL NERVE STIMULATOR is looking REALLY GOOD right now!!!

he is doing fine....THANK YOU GOD!