Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Monday, August 14, 2006


well, we had our well toddler check up today!! he did GREAT, i was soooo proud of him! he did NOT even fight it at all!! he told the dr whatever he needed to hear, his colors, his shapes, jumped on one foot, did his PIRATE thing with his eyesight, and then got his THREE SHOTS he cried sooooooo hard, poor baby but he did well afterwards!!

there was some highlights to his appt...he still has his HEART MURMUR!!!! yep, it is still there and now that matthew had a HEART DEFECT, we are going to look at it closely again!! we might need to take him for an ECHO soon...don't know! but that was aomething scary...

then, i had to call him back in because i forgot to ask him if he noticed that his right food went IN when he walks!!! so he came back in and checked him out and noticed it....he then put him on the bed and pushed his KNEES into his chest and rotated his legs in the hips.......HE GOT WHITE AND THEN RED!! his face was PRICELESS!!!!!! he was like OMG, I FELT IT CLICK AND IT WAS HORRIBLE!!!! he was like, did you see my face?!?!?!?!?! he said he was afraid to do it again because it was soooo bad!! he said that we needed to get that checked out ASAP and that that might be the reason he was turning in his foot (his LEFT side clicked) to compensate for what is going on with the LEFT side!!! i told him that when he was a baby, we took him to an ORTHO when he was about 9 months old and he did xrays and everything but while that dr HEARD/FELT IT , he said he would either be DOUBLE JOINTED or he will grow out of it....but dr g feels he needs to be looked at especially since it was SOOOO loud and he felt it!! so now we should have an appt soon with this!!

anyway, we also were shocked to find out that he is:
41 lbs (between the 75% & 90% !! i thought he was TOO thin!)
44" tall (75%)

so we need to watch his weight!! hehehehe! he said he was fine but that ONE pound too much this time around will be 5 lbs next time ETC....BUT overall it was a GREAT appt! he followed direction and helped the dr with his exam without the expected TEMPER TANTRUM!! i am sooooooooo proud of him! :)