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Sunday, August 06, 2006

what a GREAT PARTY!!

yep, we did it! we had JAMES ALEX the 1st 2nd's (that is how he says it!!) birthday party on sunday!! it went GREAT!!! really! and mr matthew MADE IT TO THE PARTY!! yeah! and of course, he had to get back at big brother by SPILLING HIS JUICE ON ALEX!! stinker! but all in all, we had a blast! there was about 20 kiddos there with about another 10-15 parents...very nice! we had it at the MR GATTI'S place and it was GREAT not to have to worry about anything! i really enjoyed how ATTENTIVE the party hosts were! they brought you whatever you needed and wanted! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND A GATTI PARTY! really, the kids all stayed in the room until it was time to go out to the game room. i really needed that or alex would not WANT to be with the party and instead want to be out in the playroom. with this room, you couldn't see the game area....VERY NICE!! and then the host got you whatever you wanted!! really! they asked us if we wanted drinks, if we wanted pizza and they asked our guest the same! very nice to be waited on!! alex got some GREAT stuff from all his friends and family. we just really had a great time. i am just sad that james had to meet us there and then leave because he was actually WORKING that day!!! but he helped out TONS and we just had a GREAT party! the theme was THOMAS THE TRAIN and it was soooo much fun! his cake was GREAT TOO!!!

anyway, the kids had a BLAST at the game room and THIS gatti's actually has a TRAIN that goes around the track and sit about 10 kids on it and has a tunnel and everything!! matthew and alex LOVED IT!!!!!! looks like the other kids had a great time too!! :)