Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

sick :(

yep, it is here and it is only AUGUST!! we have been doing a LOT of traveling and a LOT of going to children places and i guess we must have caught SOMETHING somewhere!! matthew and i have had the noses and throat and drainage going now for a couple of days! i thought it was allergies, which it MIGHT have been but matthew has got that worst of it now. we had to go to the DR yesterday because he has been waking up and coughing, gaging, wretchin AND THROWING UP all night long!!!! my poor baby! so i had called them on friday and they just told me to give him some over the counter meds...they didn't work! so yesterday i just said, i will take him just to get him checked out and hopefully he will tell me, YEP, I SEE DRAINAGE, JUST GIVE HIM XXXX AND HE WILL BE FINE......didn't go that way!! his oxygen sats have been GREAT so i didn't think i had anything to worry about.....NOT!!! he heard serious wheezing in the lower right lob of his lung!! talked about SHOCKED!!! crazy! i even asked the dr, ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! soooo, now we have to give him neb treatments 3 times a day and increased his FLOVENT to 3 TIMES A DAY and just suction and watch him...we go back tomorrow to see how he is doing. he said he doesn't THINK it is pneumonia since he doesn't have any fever but he wants to keep a CLOSE EYE ON HIM!! i told him, "look, PLEASE let him be HOME this weekend because he has NEVER BEEN TO A PARTY FOR ALEX!!!'" he said, MOM, DON'T TELL ME THAT!!! soooo, i have it in him NOT to have him in the hosp this weekend!! :) yep, matthew has never been to a party for alex!! :( so GOD WILLING this weekend, he will be there! you should have seen my face when matthew started to get sick!! i was like, NO WAY!! NOT AGAIN!! :( but GOD WILLING, he will be there having FUN at the party!! :) we were up ALL NIGHT last night with him...he must have refluxed and thrown up at LEAST 5 tmes!!!....keep him in thought please!! :)