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Thursday, November 16, 2006

a continuation of 5 POINT HARNEST...

on tuesday evening, the 10 oclock news here in san antonio, INTERVIEWED THE MOM who had done that video for her son!! apparently she lives here in san antonio and she had JUST done that video LAST WEEK!! it is just amazing!! here is the news cast report on her:

very interesting! they even interviewed a BABY R US salesperson and prior to her video going out, the carseat that held over 40 lbs forward seating (in harnest) was just doing moderate sales but NOW, it is hard to keep them on the SHELF! people are LISTENING!!! which was the WHOLE point of this video! she was just in disbelief that sooo many people had already seen the video and it had made it overseas! i think it is VERY IMPORTANT!!!

well, i just had to make one comment about something that came back from the email i originally sent out with this ticked me off and TOLD me not to blog about this email, sooo OF COURSE i am going to blog about it!! :) i got an email that said

"after receiving this video it was not mistakenly wrong, inhuman and detestation. If you feel that people need to see this type of information, then so be it. I cannot believe you sent something out like this. You must be callous to send such information to a group of individuals that would support some anesthetized thought.

I am deeply saddened to have received such an email from you. If you have a question as to why I would respond to this, please tell me? If you do not have a statement then, please do not blog about this as you did about the statement said previously before about concerns with the Houston incident."

anyway, apart from not having the correct GRAMMAR and just not making ANY sense, this person was just WRONG!! i couldn't BELIEVE that this person thought that the video was "inhuman" ?!?!?!?!?!?!?! and this person has KIDS!! i guess maybe guilty thoughts? anyway, i did respond IN KIND via email to this person because i was just SOOOOO UPSET about the email that was sent!! anyway, i just thought i would BLOG about it since i was TOLD NOT TOO!! :)