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Friday, November 10, 2006


today, james and i were brought together by God 12 years ago! and it was the BEGINING of a LOVE STORY!! i don't know if people know the story of james and i but it was TRUELY guided by GOD thru is a story of 2 people that were just MEANT to be it story...

My own love story started back on nov 12, 1994,,,,TWELVE YEARS AGO! It has been an AMAZING 12 years of my life!

So let me start MY side of the story by telling you a bit of background…..the year of 1994, was a ROUGH year. I was in an abusive relationship and have had a HARD TIME getting out of it… know, being SCARED to…anyway, I FINALLY got brave enough to break it off and it was one of the most AWESOME feelings in my life!!! Honesetly, to FINALLY call it quits out of a relationship that had RULED YOUR LIFE for more than 3 years……THANK GOD I finally got the courage to do it! Soooo, I swore I would NOT get involved with any man until AFTER I had graduated from college. I was going to do loads of studying and just enjoylife for a bit and just BREATH EASY!!

Soooo, a couple of months went by and I got a call out of the BLUE from a cousin of mine. She and I usually only talk whenever there are holidays going on or special occations. She has always been one of my favorite cousin and we always get along GREAT whenever we meet up! So, she calls me up on Monday 7th of November and asks me how things are etc. so we sit there and chat for a while and then she invites me to this party she is having at her house on the 12th of November for the novemeber birthday parties. Aparently, she and 2 of her brothers plus a good friend of theirs, all have birthdays in November and where going to have a party that day…I had already started to make my excuses and she was like, “come on, chayo (that’s what my family calls me), it will be fun!!” I told her honestly that she needed to tell me to BRING something so that I HAD to go! You see, I am VERY SHY and an introvert and I just KNEW I would end up backing out of it and not going if she didn’t have me bring something…so she did. Well, I will NEVER forget that Saturday 12th because I look back and think about how funny things had happen. First, I couldn’t get any of my buddies to come with me! They all had previous engagments, so now I HAD to go by myself and I was TERRIFIED!! My mom was funny because I had gotten dressed and was ready and I was just sitting there watching TV procrastinating….she was like, “chayo, just GO already! Just go, say hello, stay for about 30 mins and then come home! But you HAVE to go, since you already said you would!” so I FINALLY agreed and said that I would go and stay for a max of 30 mins and come home. So off I went! Well, I get to her street and REALLY STARTED TO PANIC!! When she told me it was a party, I honestly thought it was going to be a small HOUSE party, ok, 2 blocks going in, there are cars up and down her street LINED UP and when I get there, there is a DJ, tons of people everywhere and I just about TURNED AROUND RIGHT THEN AND THERE!! I was like, “what did I get myself into?!?!!” so, I told myself if I didn’t find a parking spot, I would just head on home and wouldn’t you know it, there was one just big enough for my little bitty GEO TRACKER and it was RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE HOUSE!! SO, I pull up to a parking space and got out of my car with my knees literatly shaking!! It actually took me a BIT to finally get out of that car! I walk up the drive way and there are group of people EVERYWHERE and no one I recognize. I can say I was TRULY nervouse by then! So, right when I am thinking of going inside, I hear, “CHAYO!!” and I turn around and my cousin is walking towards me with open arms and she is with this guy! (james later told me that HE was the one that pointed me out to her...HE asked her "who is that girl?!") She was like, ”you came!” well, she lets me go and then I feel someone putting their arm around my shoulder and I look up and the guy she was with says, “hola, I am you cousin too.” And I said, “huh, NO!” and thinking to myself, who IS this georgous guy? And my cousin says, “chayo, this is joey (her brother) best friend, JAMES”….I was like, wowowowow!! Of course, I figured that he MUST have a girlfriend, wife ETC because he was just tooooo cute not to have one! So I kinda just turned away……(Now, here is where james will tell you if you ask him that I just BLEW HIM OFF for the rest of the evening. He will also point out that I “threw him to the dogs”) well, the rest of the night, james kept following me!! I was VERY flattered that he seemed to be following me but also I was in disbelief that he COULD be following me!! Everywhere I went, he showed up right beside me! He finally asked me to dance and we did and that was basically the point where I said, “this is NOT my over-active romatic imagination!!” so, we danced and talk the rest of the night. Well, what happen next TOTALLY did me in. we left together with a friend down the street to get some more drinks….well, james had just told me that he had JUST bought his F150 truck 2 days before and he was SOOO PROUD OF IT! Well, we get to the store and he goes and gets whatever it was he needed. Well, when he come back, I had forgotten that I had put a LARGE glass of tropical trash can punch on the dash and when he reversed, IT ALL FELL ON ME AND HIS BRAND NEW TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was HORRIFIED and just a wreck!! I could NOT BELIEVE that had JUST HAPPEN! I started panicking and crying and just saying OVER AND OVER how sorry I was and that I was going to get it cleaned and I would pay for it etc…I was honestly PETRIFIED since I had just gotten out of a horrible relationship and I just didn’t know what he would do! All he kept saying was, “hey, it’s just a truck! Don’t worry about it, it will clean up!” of course, I couldn’t BELIEVE he wasn’t yelling at me or worst, hitting me or SOMETHING…showing anger or something….When we got to the house again, I told him that I would pay for the cleaning of his truck and that I was sooooooo sorry and that I was going to go ahead and leave cause I was so embarrased and mad at myself and he said………”DON’T LEAVE! PLEASE DON’T LEAVE, I JUST MET YOU AND I WANT TO GET TO KNOW YOU BETTER!” and that ladies and gentlemen was the EXACT MOMENT it happened for me, “I WAS IN LOVE!” honestly, this guy, who I had just met, was just my knight in shining armor, my prince, my everything!! I had already felt like the most special woman in the world by his attention to me but for him not to HURT ME and not to just FREAK OU ON ME for the damage I did to his BRAND NEW TRUCK…..wowowowowow….right then and there I knew that GOD had shown me that there are REAL MEN in this world out there! And that I had just been shown MY MAN! Needless to say, he conviced me to stay around and what orignally should have been a 30 min stay at a party, ended up being a going home at 3 am!!!:) I trusted this man that I had JUST MET that day with my LIFE! We ended up going to another party at one of his friends house. You have to understand that I am VERY CAUTIOUS and VERY SHY so for me to have put TOTAL TRUST in him when he asked me if I wanted to go to another party and me say “yes” you KNOW that I trusted him COMPLETELY! We went to this party at a friends house and everyone there was really nice to me and they also commented on how HAPPY james looked (that is a whole OTHER story!)! They could just SEE that something special had happened to us! They couldn’t believe that we had JUST MET! anyway, as he took me back to my car a new song came out by GEORGE STRAIT called THE BIG ONE and we both looked at each other and he said, THIS IS MY SONG FOR YOU! WOW! so we made a date for the following weekend. You see, he was ACTIVE DUTY MILTIARY and was stationed in FORT HOOD, TEXAS!! I was just soooo happy to have met him! And the next morning, he CALLED ME!! And since that time, we have been TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER!

the reason i KNOW that GOD had his hand in our lives and our meeting is that for one, my cousin OUT OF THE BLUE (we didn't hang around socially) called me and invited me to a party and that I AGREED was a miracle in itself!! and then i was NOT LOOKING for anybody at that time AND i was TOTALLY afraid of men by then (abusive relationship) and then i meet james and feel like such a princess and just so in love so quickly! and even though in an embarrasing way (the drink) i was shown that "look, don't be afraid, this man is a GOOD MAN and he will NEVER HURT YOU" and that more than ANYTHING ELSE was clearer than ANYTHING! and then, i use to tell him that God brought us together to ease james hurt TOO! you see, that weekend was the LAST WEEKEND that james ever saw the little boy that was his son but not his son.....he NEVER saw him again....and we worked it out TOGETHER to get him thru it. James was also going thru a rough time with his life and we just blended together PERFECTLY, THANK YOU GOD!and to have been brought together with family (my family) & friends (his friends) was just PERFECT! his best friend joey is now his cousin!!! how awesome is that?! james and his mom later told me that when he got home that night, he told his mom that he found the woman he was going to marry! :) as soon as i find our FIRST picture together taken THAT DAY i will post it!!


here are the words to our first song:

The Big One

Without a warning, you're outta control.
The ground shakes and the oceans roll-
This is the big one, there's no way to run.

On the Richter scale of romance
You hit twelve and you don't stand a chance.
This is the big one, I'm fallin' in love.

Now it's beat, beat, beat-
My heart's sending out a message.
Please, please, please don't save me tonight.
S.O.S. in this situation means she's outta site.
No need to panic I tell myself,
But I never felt this feeling with anybody else.
This is the big one I'm falling in love.

Repeat Chorus: