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Saturday, November 25, 2006

HAPPY THANKSGIVING and all of that!!

i hope everyone had a GREAT thanksgiving week!!! we have been REALLY BUSY here at the family house!! it has been a bit crazy but ooohhh sooooo fun!!

we had thanksgiving here at our home...we were not sure if this would be the last time we would have it at our home! we are HOPING on moving somewhere that is one story but still not sure on james orders...that will all pan out! but it was nice. i cooked the turkey, made the gravy, mash pot, corn, and i can go on! it was really a QUIET and nice filled day! we did NOTHING after everyone left and just decided to sit on our new couch and watch the game while BOTH BOYS were asleep!!! that was nice! i took a snooze on my end of the couch! :)

friday, i kicked james out of bed to do some early am shopping (he was out by 5:30am) and we were just looking for ONE item that we felt was the BEST DEAL!! we were able to get it and we are SOOOOOOOO EXCITED!! :) and then we just spent the rest of the day out looking at the sells and buying some stuff here and there that were good bargains...OOOOHHHHH!! i also got a GREAT DEAL on a new phone!! i was kind of upset when i was up for renewal of my contract and i couldn't get the same price for a phone as if a NEW CUSTOMER would get sooooo...i called customer service and i talked to about it and the AGREED that i COULD get it for that price AND then they actually gave it to me fore $25 CHEAPER than i would have!! :) sooo, i got it for $29!! and i am SOOO HAPPY!! it has an MP3 player!! :) i should have some fun with it!

later that night, we drove up passed new braunfels to SANTA'S RANCH ( and drove thru the 1.5 mill LIGHT display!! very nice! i think it was about an mile long! very nice!!! we did one in FORT HOOD, tx and that was AWESOME!! THAT ONE TOOK US ABOUT AN HOUR to drive thru!! and that one took us next to the lake and everything....we are thinking of going back to that one for a weekend night! it would be nice to get away!! :)

today, we are just going to chill!! we are going to a couple of stores to look at some stuff but overall, we are just going to put up the ornaments on our tree...

i am going to post some pics of the boys!! :)


CrystalandEva said...

Hello my name is Crystal Masionis I live in Illinois and I saw your son's video on one true media and he is so sweet and so strong and I wanted to tell you that. I have a 19 month old daughter who has and is going threw alot also, she has CHARGE Syndrome. Seeing the videos on there with special kids like ours makes me want to tell all the parents they are awsome and so blessed. Our childern couldn't be any stronger and they give me such hope in the world.
If you would like you can check out my daughters site....
and she has a video....
Thank you and god bless,
Crystal and Eva Masionis