Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


YESTERDAY, we were admitted into the nursing home at 10:30 was ok...we got there, laid him down (he was asleep) and then they assest him and took his vitals...james and i set up our dvd player and sat down for a couple of hours to watch "4O YEAR OLD VIRGIN" unrated edition and just chilled 12:45 am we got up and started to put everything away and we put everything in the car and walked out at 1:05 am and that was IT!!! we DID IT and i am sooooo happy and excited!

what this means is that we will get MUCH NEEDED nursing care for will also mean that if he needs something that our ins doesn't cover, it will cover it! and matthew will have medicaid FOR LIFE and it is only on HIS income!! what a BLESSING to know that our special needs child will have insurance ALWAYS!!! sooo, our nursing starts on monday and we will start having day time nurses for now until we can get the nighttime nursing!!! that is what we are REALLY wanting! and we just wanted them m-f so we can have the weekends for family time....

i am just happy to finally get some help....unless you have a SPECIAL NEEDS kiddo, NO ONE KNOWS how hard it CAN be and how much you actually do for your baby!! the nursing service was SHOCKED that we had not had nursing care up until now!!! i told them that you shoot yourself in the foot by being a good parent to your baby and doing everything right that when you NEED help they ask "WHY?!? you have been doing a great job so WHY do you need help now?!" and they just don't get it! it is hard on us SOMETIMES but you do your BEST for YOUR BABY and i don't regret anything but i am JUST SOOO HAPPY to finally get some help!

anyway, on the home front, we got some NEW FURNITURE from ROOMS TO GO and we are sooooo happy! we got THEATER SEATING sofa (brown leather with recliners on either end and the middle folds down for a cup holder) and we FINALLY got a mattress for me for my fibro...TEMPERA-PEDIC mattress.....AAAAAAHHHHHH...last night was the FIRST NIGHT we slept in it and it was HEAVEN not to sleep almost VERTICAL or on the sofa because of my back!! it was soooo nice to just lay FLAT and not have PAIN!!! :)WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW...HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!! we also got the no interest until jan 2011!! can't beat that!!