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Sunday, December 23, 2007


i am soooooooo happy and feel sooooo blessed because JAMES IS HOME!! we were able to surprise the BOYS and that is a miracle in itself!! for over 2 months now, i have kept a SECRET from these was WONDERFUL!!!!! so many people have called, stopped me to ask me when he was coming home and when i would say (if the boys were around) NOT TILL JUNE, they would have this wierd look on their face and get ready to ask me some other questions until they saw my face and i was either winking or giving them a sign, that they realized that i couldn't tell them the correct day because the boys where was fun to try to create new ways of saying what i needed to say without giving it away...and it was fun seeing everyones faces and they tried to do the same!! well, it started like this, since the 19th of dec, i have been on pins and needles KNOWING that james should be home soon. it kept slipping out that when james came home or whatever and i would have to catch myself before the boys found me out. it was really funny! anyway, i felt like i kept getting updates on james, he was delayed due to this or that and it was OK because as long as he would be COMING HOME i really didn't care WHAT DAY or HOW LATE because i just KNEW i would be seeing him!! so that friday EVENING when i finally got the concrete flight plans, i was ready! i started my email going and my phone calls trying to call all those that had wanted to be there....i was getting soooooo excited! soooo, i my wonderful SIL had these shirts made for us with a picture of james on it and we all had one! sooo, now i had to explain, WHY we were wearing these shirts with dads picture on it, why we were going to the airport on SUNDAY the 23rd and also WHY all these other people were going to be there!! talk about trying to do it on the spare of the moment! soooo, i told alex that we were going to take a picture FOR daddy and that is why we had the shirts on....the reason we were going to the AIRPORT was because SANTA was going to come off the PLANE and we were going to take PICTURES with him....and the reason everyone ELSE was going to be there was because they ALSO wanted to take a picture with santa for daddy!! :) i think i got all that PRETTY GOOD! sooo, that morning, i woke up REALLY early, got dressed, woke up the boys and got them all ready to go and by the time the nurse came in at 0730 (he had NO IDEA what was happening) we were OFF!! so, when we get there, and THANK GOD we got there early, we found out we had to get a BOARDING PASS to get us thru security to go meet james at the gate....and we were really BLESSED that they let myself, the nurse and the 3 boys over there! they don't NORMALLY do that! so as we go about getting thru security which OMG was just CRAZY!!! (if you have not done that in a while, we had to take our shoes off, take matthew out of the wheelchair, break the wheelchair apart and stick it on the radar thing, and the same thing with the carrier and then pass thru the metal thing and then put EVERYTHING back together!! what a PAIN!!! soooo, after all of that, we headed over to the gate...i was getting SOOOOOOO EXCITED and i was also getting nervous...SO we get to the gate and i don't realize until MUCH later that the reason everyone was watching us was because we were the ONLY ones there to MEET someone...everyone else was there leaving san antonio!! so, as we are there waiting i see james PLANE coming in and i tell alex, 'hey, that is SANTA'S plane!! let's wait over here in front of this pilar so we can see when he get's off the plane' alex was soooo excited! so we are looking down the gang plank and i ask alex, "do you see SANTA?" and alex is just looking down there and he says, not yet....i told him that he is wearing RED....he says not yet...then that is when he sees DADA!!! here is a VERY short clip of the moment he saw dada:

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and another clip of that moment:

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i had everything planned and when it was time to record, i just LOST IT! it was soooooooooooo emotional that i couldn't THINK!! but i was so glad to get these short little clips!! oh well!! anyway, after a whole bunch of minutes huggy and talking we started to make our way to the baggage claim and the WHOLE WAY, alex and matthew could not keep their EYES off of daddy!! and daddy had joshua in his arms, alex on his neck, and matthew holding his was WONDERFUL! there was also plenty of his family and friends there to greet him! i am just SOOOO PROUD OF HIM!!

soooo, we also had channel 4 (NBC/WOAI) there to interview him...i could never find it on the net so i video taped it from the tv that we recorded so forgive the poor shot of it!! here they are...


the 10 pm news:

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james hit the ground RUNNING...after we left the airport, we went out to eat at EL PICO DE GALLO mexican restarant for breakfast and then when we got home and we surprised him and the boys with some decorations (thank you k&m for the banner and my cuz T for coming over while we were gone and decorating!!) and he was so happy! we got right down to business and just hung out and cuddled! and he was DETERMINED to go to to see the LIGHTS at SANTA'S RANCH with our kids and my nieces and nephew!! so there we were, going out there! we had a GREAT first are some pics... here we are, first family picture!! james and his 3 boys... our little family... all our family and friends...


ShellyBlake said...

Thank you for all the pix & movies & your story. It brought tears to my eyes!
Thank you James for serving so bravely - glad to hear you got to be home for Christmas! May your next 6 mths go quickly so you may return home safely!
Heart Hugs,
(from the CHD listserv)