Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Monday, December 17, 2007

a lot of things going on...

wow, it has been a bit since i posted!! there has been A LOT of stuff going on....

this weekend was the funeral for the beautiful baby that passed was really tough to see her in her little casket....she was soooo was so hard to hear the family grieving was really windy that day at the graveyard and a couple of times it REALLY blew and the father would cry out "i love you too, baby, know it is you..." just BROKE your was really hard...i had a cake done for them....the mom asked me if i had a cake for matthew and i said that i did (when he was going to pass away) and i told her that it had said "happy birthday matthew" but he was only 5 days old....she told me I WANT A CAKE TOO!! sooo, i brain stormed with the sister and we came up with what to put on the cake.."J.N., WE WILL CELEBRATE YOUR LIFE!!" i wish there was MORE i could do for her....

well, i have been frantically doing all the things you need to do when your loved one is COMING HOME!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE that in less than a COUPLE OF DAYS, my husband will be HOME FOR 2 WEEKS!!! I Am sooooooo excited!! you can't even IMAGINE how excited i am unless you have been there!! it has been just SHY of 4 months since we saw him!! WOWOWOWOWOW....we have seen him in pictures but not in the flesh...i can't even imagine what alex and matthew are going to do when they see him!! it has been sooooo hard to not say anything to the boys....and people keep asking me in CODE THANK GOD if he is coming and when is kinda funny!!! but as of RIGHT NOW, YES, he is coming and it will be sometime AFTER the 19th....but what ever day he comes in, he gets 15 DAYS from the moment he signs in!! SO, he doesn't lose any days if he comes in later....i am tooooooo excited!!! :)

you will also note a new TAG section to the RIGHT!! what i am doing is taging EVERY POST to make it easier for you to find something...ESPCECIALLY about james and IRAQ...i have had quite a few people ask me how they can see those now, just click on IRAQ and you will get all the post about that topic!! it is taking me a WHILE to do all these last 2 years but i am ALMOST done!! :)