Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Saturday, December 08, 2007

wow!! what a GREAT DAY today was!!! :)

today, we had a VERY BUSY but AWESOME DAY!!! we started off the day by going to a birthday party for our little buddy from our homeschool park day day!! it was really nice to see them away from the park! unfortunatly, we only could stay there for a little bit and then we had to RUN...why you say?? because we went to ANOTHER WONDERFUL STARLIGHT STARBRIGHT EVENT!!! awwww...what a GREAT TIME WE HAD! and it was a BEAUTIFUL DAY we had (we had SHORTS ON!!) it was like 75 degrees or so! i was worried that it would be TOO cold for matthew and THANK GOD, it was just a AWESOME DAY!!! WELL, let me tell you what a WONDERFUL time we had YET AGAIN with this organization! we started the day by going to the IMAX MOVIE called SANTA VS THE SNOWMAN in 3D....i had never been to the IMAX and what a awesome place that was!! I was sooooo excited!! :) ok, the kids where too!! they treated us to popcorn & drinks....the movie itself was sooooo much fun! alex didn't like to wear the glasses because it was too scary seeing everything coming at him! he told me he was worried about it...but he liked the movie and was laughing and clapping thru it all! he told me he liked it but he didn't like when it came at him!! then matthew would keep the glasses on for a bit and he would LAUGH and LAUGH when he saw them coming at him!! but then he would take off the glasses...he was watching the moving and eating his popcorn!! :) i loved the graphics on the movie! all can say! maybe i can get james to go with us again!! it really was nice!!

after we finished with the movie, we went ahead and moved on to the ALAMO...we walked down there and there was this person there from STARLIGHT STARBRIGHT and he handed us some software for a new video game called 'The Tuttles Madcap Misadventures: Starlight Starbright Charity Challenge ('

Los Angeles, Calif., (November 28, 2007) – Starlight Starbright Children’s Foundation®, Legacy Interactive and Animax Entertainment today launched The Tuttles Madcap Misadventures: Starlight Charity Challenge (, a casual platformer style downloadable videogame that pairs having a good time with doing good. Actors William Shatner, Bob Saget, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ashley Tisdale, Dominic Scott Kay, Dave Thomas and Dave Coulier contributed their voices to the animated game. Supporters can try the game at and purchase it for $19.99 with $15 of that amount going to Starlight to brighten the lives of seriously ill children and their families.

and basically, this is a charity event that is a game....this helps raise money for the STARLIGHT STARBRIGTH FOUNDATION! soooo, if anyone is interested in purchasing this game and SUPPORTING A WONDERFUL ORGINAZATION THAT HELPS CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS, PLEASE GO TO THE LINK ABOVE!! they do such WONDERFUL THINGS!!! i got to meet some of the organizations higher ups and they had actually SEEN THIS BLOG...i was really touched that they had taken the time to see my blog and read about it...they got to read about how wonderful this organization really is and how much it MEANS to us as a family to be a part of this!!!

well, CONTINUING ON with our day! we took some pictures there at the alamo and then we went on to eat dinner at FUDRUCKERS!!!! YUMMYYYYY!!! everyone had a WONDERFUL dinner and then they surprised us with GIFTS for my kids!!! AND BOY you should have seen their faces!!! :) they hit it RIGHT ON THE MONEY with alex gift...he got OPTIMUS PRIME TRANSFORMER!!! OMG, his face was PRICELESS!!! he was just sooooo thrilled and he was just soooo HAPPY that he MUST have been good because santa bought him the toy he had CLICKED ON ON THE INTERNET!!! he told me, "mommy, this is the toy that i had wanted and clicked on in the internet!!!' YIKES!! but thank GOD he doesn't know my credit card info!! :) anyway, AGAIN, this organization did a WONDERFUL JOB and provided about 30+ families with a WONDERFUL OUTING and just a WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY for all the special needs families to get together and have a "normal" outing!!! THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN!! i can't WAIT for my hubby to be able to experience an OUTING with starlight!! i know he will be SOOOOO HAPPY and in AWE on how much they do!! :) i can't WAIT!!

sooooo, for anyone wanting to support this wonderful organization, please, click on this link: and there is a DONATE button or just go and see what wonderful things this organziation is doing for our kids and their families.....


here is ALEX at the IMAX getting ready to enjoy his movie!

here is MATTHEW ready for his movie too!!!

here we are in front of the Christmas tree at the ALAMO!!

here is ALEX with his COOL NEW TOY that santa brought because he was A GOOD BOY!

here is MATTHEW with his cool collector edition POKEMON statue he can't keep his eyes off of!!