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Friday, December 07, 2007

Matthew's new cardiologist and pictures from james....

today we took matthew to his NEW CARDIOLOGIST!!! very nice dr! anyway, she cleared matthew of EVERYTHING as far as she could see!! she was the one that had known about him before she met him due to his being such a miracle at the PICU!! she said she expected SOMETHING but THANK YOU GOD, all looks well. she wants to see him in 6 months and she wants to a ANGIO CT on him and i am REALLY excited about that!! it will show the heart structure in 3D and totally be able to see the heart and all it's anatomy!! sooooo excited!

well, james sent me some more pictures for us!! i was soooo happy to see them! james was off today and i was able to chat with him on YAHOO and then he called me! it was soooo nice to hear his voice!! :) i can't WAIT it is less than 2 weeks from today that he will GOD WILLING be home!! it will probably be around the 20th or soo...i still have not told the boys that he would be home! i hope to surprise them! i plan to take them to the airport and just say we are there to pick up SOMEBODY....i am getting REALY EXCITED!!

WELL, here are the pictues!!

well, this picture is in the PODS and he calls this their "windcrest lights!"

this is my babe and his roommate!!!

this is a WHITE DOVE that was over them as they were taking these pictures...i for one took it as a SIGN THAT GOD IS WATCHING OVER THEM!! HOW BEAUTIFUL!

this is james today....look how GOOD HE LOOKS!!! :)


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. My son is there also, but he is leaving in a few weeks - yea! It's amazing that they have big trees and all kinds of decorations and stuff. That is good to see.