Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Monday, January 14, 2008 hubby is FREEZING!!

well, i spoke to james today and my poor guy....he told me he is FREEZING!! he called me at 7pm our time (4am his time) to tell me that he HAD to get up because he was sooooooooooo cold (30 degrees or less) and he just could not get warm...they are sleeping in tents with NO HEATERS and all he has is his 2 SMALL LIGHT blankets and his jacket...he was sleeping in FULL UNIFORM with boots and all, with his jacket on and his 2 little blankets TRYING to keep warm! he told me he had to get up and he went to the DSN lines are because those places are HEATED!!! I asked him if he was the only one and he said, no, all you see is everyone SHIVERING because they are sooooo cold! i felt so bad for him! i wish there was SOMETHING i could do for him....

well, we started homeschool classes again was nice for ME to get back into the swing of things...alex on the other hand is having a HARD TIME! he got a bit lazy and it will take a while to get him back on track! but i am still so proud of him.....he knows how to count by TWOS, THREES, FOURS, FIVES, SIX, SEVEN...etc!! i asked him to count by 10's problem!! he even tried to count by 11, 12 etc! he is SUCH A SMARTIE!! i mean, i am in AWE of this little boy! he can add and subtract with 2 numbers!! (20-5=15 etc)he LOVES math!! i love this guy soooo much! i am so proud of him! he is doing reallhy good on the bike that santa got him! he looks so cute when he is riding it!!

matthew is doing really well too in school. our new teacher comes out 2 times a week for 2 hours each. they do learning, music, art etc...much better than the 1 hour 4 times a week! i really like it and he seems to really like her! she TALKS TO HIM! trust me, that makes a difference! on a BAD note, he has had FOUR sz since the new year....2 small ones lasting LESS than a minute on the 4th & 8th and then just this SUNDAY morning at 3 am, he had 2 MAJOR ONES!! yes, he woke up at 2:30am and i went in and changed his diaper and then i just had a BAD FEELING about it so i stayed up and watched him from my room and then BAMMMM at 3:45am he started to have a lasted for about 5 mins!! so after that, i watched him again and then BAMMM at 4:19am he started to go at it AGAIN for another almost 5 mins!!! i was really starting to worry that i might end up in the HOSPITAL and call EMS because he sometimes does it that the 3rd time is a CHARM!! but THANK YOU GOD he stopped and slept...of course, i didn't sleep!! i think i had a total of about 2 hours of sleep that poor baby! i was already planning and trying to remember where my pants where who i was going to call etc....i just PRAY that he stays HEALTHY with NO SZS!!!!

joshua is doing GREAT!! he is such a cutie! we love him soooo much! just today, he started SITTING!! yes, you read right...before when we would have him sit, he woudl immediatley topple over...but today, he sat up for about 20 secs or so before he went over and that was because he was reaching for something!! toooo cute! i need to take a pic of him!

well, james should be back at base camp tomorrow...i hope so for him because he needs to be where thereis a HEATER!!

and...i added some music on here that i LOVE!! just GOOD MUSIC...james and i love these artist and these songs...we say that when he gets back, GOD WILLING, we are going to DANCE to these songs...even if it is on our PATIO!! :) so enjoy! i will be changing songs as i go...


Anonymous said...

If your husband can get to Camp Doha they have very nice Blankets that are very warm. I actually picked one up when I was there.
Hope this helps.