Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Friday, April 03, 2009

BETTER is the word of the day!

yes, our family is SLOWLY getting by day! but of course, we could not have one more crop up of PINK EYE!! alex picked it up on tuesday and it is still bothering him....poor little guy! but he is such a trooper taking his eye drops!!

joshua is MUCH better now and so is for me...ME TOO!! just the occational coughing fits i throat is still a little raw but BETTER than last week!!

we have been trying to get things done before out BIG TRIP!! who knew there was soooo much to PLAN for??? well, we are slowly getting our things together....buying panchos, shirts and everything else....all is good! we are soooo excited and happy to be BLESSED with matthew's MAKE A WISH WISH!!


we also JUST GOT WORD that matthews FEEDING CHAIR was APPROVED(MYGO SEATING SYSTEM)!!! long story short on this item...we have been waiting PATIENTLY for approval/denial now since SEPTEMBER and when i would call and ask how things were going, the DME would state that they have put in all the paperwork to medicaid AFTER TRICARE DENIED and now they are just waiting to see what happens....the DME guy was VERY VERY VERY sure that it would get denied and that we needed to look at another piece of equipment to get....i was not happy with that but HEY, we needed something...sooooo, last week on WED we got a phone call from our TRICARE CASE MANAGER and when i asked her about WHY it had been denied, she said SHE HAD NEVER RECIEVED THE PAPERWORK FOR THIS EQUIPMENT!! ooooohhhhh, i was soooo UPSET about it!! so i immediately called the DME and told them and they assured me that they HAD....but as they searched for the paperwork for the DENIAL, they COULD NOT FIND IT!!! soooo, come to find out ALL THESE MONTHS (6 MONTHS) they had dropped the ball and NEVER SENT THE PAPER WORK TO TRICARE!!!!!!!!!! yes, i was upset!! so, the set about doing that on MONDAY and by THURSDAY (4DAYS!) they got the approval...the DME guy said he was sooooo EMBARASSED about it!! he apologized for the mix up....i just told him that the main thing is that he FINALLY got it!! we are excited!!!