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Thursday, April 09, 2009

music on my IPOD....

SOOO, TODAY, my beautiful son ALEX had a dental appt....i just THANK GOD that daddy was able to take off and go with him because last year was sooo traumatic for me!! this time, since daddy was home, he was able to do it...he did AMAZING!! he had shots, laughing gas (and that he LET them PUT it on him was amazing), and they did a filling and some sealants and such...anyway, it was about 1.5 hours long and he did SOOOO GREAT!!! anyway, i prayed so hard that he would not be scared and that GOD would be with him and comfort him because i couldjust imagine how scared he really was! he doesn't like dentist but he has done amazing this last couple of times!!

anyway, i started listening to the IPOD for some inspiration and relaxing i decided to let you in on what i listen to just to see if you have heard that music before too!! I also put the link to the lyrics if you want to read them!!! must hear music!!

sooo, i love the song by MARTINA MCBRIDES song "GOD'S WILL"...this song ALWAYS brings me to tears because i actually think of my beautiful son of the lyrics says

"Will don't walk too good
Will don't talk too good
He won't do the things that the other kids do,
In our neighborhood"

and of course i think of my boy...knowing that right now that is HIM....and there is another part which says "And she said each day that I have him, well it's just
another gift" and OH HOW TRUE THAT IS!! THANK YOU GOD!

THEN, since i was listening to MARTINA MCBRIDE i had to go ahead and play "I HAVE BEEN BLESSED" and of course, that is a song that i have had on this blog because that is EXACTLY HOW I FEEL EVERY SINGLE DAY!! BLESSED!! and of course my favorite part is the CHORUS:

"I have been blessed
And I feel like I've found my way
I thank God for all I've been given

soooo true!! :) i just love GOD sooo much and i THANK HIM for EVERYTHING that he has blessed us with!!!!

so then i went on and listen to MERCYME "I CAN ONLY IMAGE" AND of course this one also gets me everytime...why? because i always wonder and KNOW that MATTHEW actually met JESUS...i can only IMAGINE what he must have been like and what he saw those first 5 days of his life when he was so gravely ill....i KNOW that that is WHY he is such a HAPPY LITTLE BOY every single day and that is why he is the little guy that he is!! i KNOW he met JESUS and i KNOW that he was HELD in HIS arms and THAT is why he is soooo happy....anyway, i always think of him when i hear this song...and it actually always makes me happy knowing that he met HIM....

then went onto SISTER ACT 2 "OH HAPPY DAY" sung by The St. Francis Choir Featuring Ryan Toby and if you haven't seen that movie in a while, it is a MUST SEE...or at least i think so!! :0 i love these kids and how they sing soooo joyfully! and LAUREN HILL as a little girl is on that too! anyway, such a joyful song!!

and theni moved on to another SISTER ACT 2 song called "HIS EYE IS ON THE SPARROW" such a BEAUTIFUL SONG! and this one reminds me of my mommy....this is one of the last songs that i got for her before she passed away because she just LOVED this song......

then onto MICHAEL W. SMITH "AWESOME GOD" this song, well, it just brings me such happiness just to sing it knowing that i am PRAISING GOD...i am just sooo happy in HIS love....and know that he DIED for US....anyway, just a good strong song!!

soooo, then i had to round it out with MICHAEL W. SMITH "GREAT IS THE LORD" why? well because it always makes me feel soooo good inside when i sing this song at the top of my lungs and my babies sit there and rock to it and smile!! just such a JOYFUL song!!!

anyway, i just wanted to share with ya'll!! GOD'S BLESSINGS!!!