Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

DAY 2.....

well, we woke up today about 6:30 am, trying to get a jump start on our day! we had SOOOO MUCH TO DO and we were so excited to DO IT!!! SO, after everyone taking a shower and getting ready....we decided to sit out on our front porch and drink some coffee and enjoy the morning:

we decided to go and eat at the GINGERBREAD house today. a nice HOT meal!!! this would be the first time we were going to go eat there and we were excited but didn't know what to expect! well, it was AMAZING!! we got there and there was already so many other families there....we found a seat and got in line to get our goodies....and OOOOHHHH, what delicious goodies there were!! we can say we ate VERY WELL that morning....well, after having our delicious breakfast among the many families and all those beautiful ANGEL VOLUNTEERS..we got ready for the start of our ADVENTURE!!!

and we decided to take a couple of quick rides on the MERRY GO ROUND:

a wonderful lady at the DISNEY FORUMS gave us a PLAN for every day of the week we were going to be there...she even told us which parks would be BUSY and which wouldn't....just AMAZING!!! we were able to get an idea of what we should do on which days and what was going on at GKTW....sooo, today was a perfect day for.....

DISNEY'S ANIMAL KINGDOM!!! we decided to do half a day there and half a day at DISNEY'S HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS!!

WOWOWOWOWOW, what a BEAUTIFUL day to be out there....unfortunately, we only saw like a FOURTH of the park!!! but we had so much FUN!! we did manage to get on some rides and the MOST exciting thing we did was be able to see FINDING NEMO and let me tell you that it was BROADWAY quality (per ME:) and all my kids LOVED it!!! i just got REALLY upset at the lady in front of matthew (we were in the handicap seating) who kept looking back at matthew and us whenever matthew would shout with joy at the play!!! made me MAD!!! anyway, it was just some fun!!! we did a couple of rides and we got to see that show plus A BUGS LIFE show....sooooo much fun!! it was also a BEAUTIFUL day....we did not get to see the whole thing but we had fun with what we are a couple of our pictures:

here we are with FLIK....what everyone kept telling us was soooo true...we NEVER waited in ANY SINGLE LINE from rides to character pics!!! even if we TRIED to get in line, they would spot us (with our MAKE-A-WISH BUTTONS) and pull us IMMEDIATELY to the front of the line and we were always NEXT!! that was just AMAZING and soooo touching to all of again just made us feel like ROYALTY!!!

here we are with PLUTO!

here we are on the DINO RIDE and OMG, the boys LOVED THIS!! the baby started to pitch a FIT when we had to get off!!! :)

just me and my gang playing around!!

just some more pics with our buddies!!

our family in front of the "TREE"

AND THEN we went onto DISNEY HOLLYWOOD was just down the road...not to far away....and it was SOOO MUCH FUN!! it is a BEAUTIFUL place and to see where some of the magic is made, it was so much FUN!! what i LOVE about these disney parks is that all my babies have been able to ride almost EVERY SINGLE RIDE that was out there....there was almost no height restriction...i LOVED that fact that even though i had a 1 and a 4 year old, they wre STILL able to ride the rides and ENJOY AND LOVE THEM!!! we got to ride some rides, and look around...and then the most important part was that we got to meet matthew's are some pictures from our day there!!!

here we are at the entrance of disney studios:

here we are with MATTHEW'S IDOLS!!!

MATTHEW just talking with his IDOL'S...

Matthew is a STAR!!! getting ready for the 3-D ride of toy was actually soooooo AWESOME!!


ALEX on HIS all time FAVORITE show right now...STAR WARS!!

AWWWWWW....on our way HOME after a LONG DAY!