Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

DAY 3.....

well, today was another BEAUTIFUL day in FLORIDA!!! today, was the ONLY day that there was RAIN forcasted so we decided to go to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS and make it a SHORT day so that we could enjoy the VILLAGE...we didn't want to waste a "rain" day MAGIC KINGDOM....sooo, we WOKE UP and decided to just eat all our LEFT OVERS that we had in the fridge and they tasted SOOOOOOO GOOOD!! we showed the boys the 'GIFT' that the bunny had left on our table when we got back last night from the far, EVERY SINGLE DAY, there has been a GOODIE BAG for the kids...again, this is what is so AMAZING about GKTW!!! there was a CANDYLAND board game and at FIRST, i thought, "man, we already have that...' but OOOOHHHH NO!!! this is the GKTW special edition CANDYLAND!!! it is going to TREASURED!!! it has all of the village building on it!!! awwwww....

well the ONLY thing that was BAD that happened to us was that MATTHEWS KIMBA (his wheelchair/stroller) BROKE!!! yes, matthew broke it FINALLY with all his EXCITED JUMPING that he loves to do in his stroller!! at first, we didn't know what to do but i finally thought it thru and we put matthew in joshua's new stroller (THANK YOU GOD he still fit in it!) and we would rent a double stroller at the parks for joshua & alex (they gave us FREE RENTALS thru GKTW too!!) i was just sad for matthew because he DEFINETLY had a lower view of the world and i know it was not the most comfortable seat around!!

well, we were OFF to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS and after a short detour (taking the SENIC ROUTE!) we finally made it to the park!! :) again, we had FREE PARKING at all these parks and because of the folks at the DISNEY FORUMS, we knew to take MATTHEW HANDICAP PARKING PASS with us and boy were we HAPPY we remembered to do it!!! we parked RIGHT in front!! anyway, we got there and jsut enjoyed walking around....this was the ONLY DAY in our WHOLE 7 DAYS that it DID rain!! all the other days were overcast but NOT HUMID (which i was SOOOO WORRIED ABOUT) and the temps were about 83 degrees!! NICE! anyway, we had our ponchos and were ready for it and it was NOT going to slow us down!!! we had soooo much fun and were able to get on a couple of rides....the adults LOVED the MUMMYS ride!! i road it a couple of times with james and S! we had so much FUN!!! there was more thingst to LOOK at than anything...we did do a bunch of CHARACTER MEETS and i think the BEST thing we did was go see the BARNEY SHOW and then after that we got to MEET BARNEY after the show...he came down and took pictures with us and MATTHEW was sooooo excited and happy!! we had so much fun during the show!! and afterwards, the boys had fun in barneys FUN area...they LOVED IT!!! there were many props going on and we loved posing at them....they were actually filming while we were there....FINAL DESTINATION 4....we got to see some of the action...pretty cool! we didn't get to do too many things because we wanted to get back to the village....

AFTER UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, we came home around 6pm and had some dinner at the GINGERBREAD HOUSE which was YUMMY!!! we were then able to explore the village and do some fun things like PUTT PUTT, RIDE THE TRAIN, LOOK AT THE LITTLE TRAINS, talk to some other families, eat ICE CREAM, and just chill OUT there at the GKTW!!! it was really fun RELAXING time!!! just a PERFECT ending to a WONDERFUL DAY!!!

THE kids and WOODY WOOD PECKER and his girl...(what's her name?)

another of matthews favorites...MADAGASCAR CAST...

OOOHHHH....SCOBBY DO & SHAGGY!! we love these guys!!

MATTHEW and CURIOUS GEORGE...he LOVED this monkey!!!

My little gang with CURIOUS GEORGE & TED!!!

one of our FAVORITE shows...BARNEY and us!!! we had sooo much fun!

Matthew in a boat outside the BARNEY was so hard to get them to leave here!


JOSH on the back of the train that goes around GKTW...

MATTHEW & ALEX playing with the romote control boats...

joshua checking out the AWESOME train set they had!!

MATTHEW and S on NOAH's ARK...



MATTHEW giving daddy a FACIAL with his ice cream cone! he was laughing SOOOOO HARD!

giving matthew a smoochie sticky KISS!!