Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Monday, June 12, 2006

james left again...

yep, he is gone again! BUT at least we were able to see him this weekend!! WHAT A TREAT as we thought we would not see him AT ALL for those 2 weeks! he had to come back to CAMP BULLIS to do his AIR ASSAULT training.....POOR GUY! man that is a TOUGH school!!!! REALLY! and he is 36 years YOUNG compared to all those little boys out there! the first day was a breeze (check in go home!) but the next two days, sat and sun were MURDER! SAT, they started off with a 4:30 am 4 mile problems with that...james ENJOYS running and usually runs everyday for AT LEAST 2 miles but usually up to 5 miles somedays!! soooo, he did that fine, and then the rest of the day they spent in class going over what they will be doing etc in sept, the BIG month! during this time, they would "smoke" them: make them stand up and o 100's of arm claps, arm extensions, push ups (diamond ones ?) etc...he did GREAT! he said that he was LAUGHING about it! now, if you know my hubby, this is a normal STATE for him! he is just generally a HAPPY guy (i guess that is where matthew gets it from!!) anyway, the next day, sun, started off with a 6 mile ROADMARCH, in FULL gear, BDU's, BOOTS, AND was a timed event. they had to make it with in 1 hour 30 mins....james came in at 1 hour 28 mins!!!!!!! yep, he BARELY made it but HE MADE IT!!!! he had to run a couple of times because he knew he was getting behind. and then they went to the OBSTICAL COURSE and he said that was HECK!!!!! he said that this place must have been made with TALL PEOPLE in mind because he could BARELY get up some of these things! they really do alot of stuff and there was only TWO THINGS he just couldn;t do...climb up a rope and do some kinda of wall...both involved upper body strenght....he tried! he did it over and over but just could do it! this was just TRAINING for the REAL one in sept but MAN he said it was tough! he said that he kept PRAYING and also kept trying soooo hard for his kids and me....what a GREAT guy i have!!! soooo, he came home and could BARELY WALK....he looked BAD! very very sore today and could barely get out of BED!!! he had blisters on his feet and everything!!!

so today, he left......he said he was going to visit the MEDIC area to get those wonderful cure all's the military gives out........800mg MOTRIN!!!