Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

out of PICU!!!

Feel MUCH better now!
well, we survived the PICU stay! yeah!!! it was a very uneventful night....the sleeping arrangements for me were not to bad and matthew slept thru the night!! :) very nice!!

the next morning, when the drs saw how good he looked ( he was back to normal, thank you GOD) they were AMAZED!!! when the neurologist came by, he said, "this is a TOTALLY different baby!!!" he was pleased. so, at first they were going to send us to the stepdown unit for a couple of hours and then home but i asked really nice if i could PLEASE leave since we were on vacation and they said that yes, we could!!! YIPPPPEEE!!! so, we were out of there by 11am!! :) can you say HAPPY?

so we left and drove over to the ronald mcdonald house to check out james and alex. matthew was starting to worry me by the time we got to the house...he was trying to drift off and his eyes would drift off to the LEFT!!! i told james, " huh, i think we might have to turn around and go back!!" which were REALLY hard words for me to say since we had such a TERRIBLE time there!! but we just said that we would watch him...he did it TWICE and i knew they could be a form of seizures but.....we went in and it was REALLY a nice place!! i got a quick tour of it. VERY NICE! i was able to get on the computer and email everyone to tell them what had happened...

we left columbia with an EYE ALWAYS on matthew!! it was about a 2.5 hour trip back to platte city where we were staying!! and of course it RAINED the whole way back!! we were sooooo ready to be back with family!

we made THANK YOU GOD and it was nice to be was GRANDPA'S 100TH BIRTHDAY!!! we went over to say hello to him and to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! we were happy to have made it home to be there for this day! he is such a SWEETHEART!! he had been told about matthew being the hospital (we had went by the first day we got to MO so he had met him for the first time ever) and one of the first questions he asked was "HOW IS THE BABY?" AWWWW.......... when we showed him that he was doing fine, he was soooo happy! he even held him!

matthew did great.....but man, we are WATCHING HIM LIKE A HAWK!!!