Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

hola family and friends...

welcome and thanks for visiting our blog!! feel free to read any and all posts!! this is where i will post what is going on in our FAMILY.....everyday stuff and exciting stuff!! so bookmark us if you wish so you can keep up with james, alex, matthew and me! :) i usually try to post SOMETHING at least a couple of times a week!!! these last couple of weeks since we went on our trip have been very BUSY!!! soooo, there is ALOT to read!!! i will also be adding pics every once in a while so keep visiting!! :)

if you are wanting to hear all about our vacation, you should start by going down to JUNE 19TH when we left!!! there are some pics in there and another account of what happened with mr matthew and the airlife. there are also pics of the helicopter!! you can also leave a comment if you wish at any of the post...down at the bottom of each post you will see a area where it says COMMENTS and just click on that and it will give you a comment screen to post!! :) please let me know who you are!! we would LOVE to hear from you!!!

if you are here to see some pics, look over to the RIGHT SIDE and if you go down a bit, you will see a rectangle with lots of little pics in can click on that and it will take you to the flickr page and you can see all the pics up close and with my comments on it. you can also comment there on any or all the pics you see! if you would like to download any of them FEEL FREE!! :)

we are sooo happy you came to visit! please stop by often! we are all about our families and our life soooooo......ENJOY!!!