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Thursday, July 27, 2006

the men in my LIFE!

the men in my LIFE!
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HOLA!! we are back in austin with james!! he is still in class but we shall be coming home on friday!! :) it will be nice to have dad back with us! we ENJOY being able to go with him whenever we can! it is a VERY NICE GET AWAY when we go to the hotel with him! sooooo different from our home! I LOVE IT! :)

the boys are loving the pool! alex has gotten REALLY good and more confident in the water! we keep him in his life vest the whole time with no problem! he now can actually dog paddle around the pool and just have fun! he is getting good enough to swim away from us and keep afloat! he LOVES IT!!

matthew is LOVING the pool too! he does tons of excercises there in the pool! he also loves his little float! we actually bought it for alex when he was an infant but since he was such a small fry, he never fit in it! matthew fits PERFECT! he LOVES it!! he loves to splash and to put his face in the water! we have to watch him because he will snort water up or drink it! stinker!

anyway, we are just relaxing here in austin and enjoying ourselves! we are gearing up for a TON of birthday parties! no kidding! in less than 2 weeks time we will have gone to 5 birthday parties!!!! :) one will be alex's....

matthew had a rough night last night here at the hotel. we are messing with his feeding schedule trying to get him off his night feeds because he is really RETCHING in the AM....last night, i don't know if he is coming down with something or what but he had alot of nasal drip which caused him to cough thru the night which then caused him to retch REPEATEDLY thru the night! no kidding! i must have got up at LEAST 10 times with him going thru this! poor baby! i just pray that maybe it was just last night and not a cold or something! his sats were fine though so we shall see and keep an eye on him!