Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

well, seizures seem to be....

doing BETTER! YIIIPPPEEEEE!! we are happy that since 7/10, he has NOT had another seizure, THANK YOU GOD! it has been really stressful for us when he sleeps...that is the time he seizes so we are sooooo careful during that time! but now that he has had his meds increased, he is more prone to be SLEEPY, a side effect of those seizure meds. and during the night, he now has to always be on the PULSE OXIMETER and OXYGEN because after a couple of hours into his sleep at night, he starts to get REALLY congested and he will start to cough and his oxygen sats will go DOWN!!!!! he get's into the low 80's to high 70's without oxygen and suction. so that is now a thing we will have to deal with and we WILL....just sometimes SCARY because we have not had to use either pulse ox or oxygen unless he is sick!!! :( poor baby! the one good thing is that is he sooooo zonked that when we do cpt on him at night or suction him, he doesn't even wake UP!!! really! he will cough for us when i suction him but other than that, he is OUT! until he wakes up in the am and then he is still REALLY TIRED and will usually go back down after 1045am or so for a 3-4 hour nap!! :)

anyway, we are gearing up for alex birthday part!! YIPPPEEE! he will be FOUR years old!! AMAZING!! we went to rent the place yesterday! HOW FUN!! indoor event this time around .....he is getting sooooooo big! he always TALKING and it's funny, he picked up a new thing....."what's a ......." it could be a PANCAKE or WHATEVER, usually things he KNOWS what/who they are but he just always ASKS!! TOO CUTE! and he is ALWAYS singing! we are really going to start on our number and writing etc now. i am EXCITED!! and he is a little GENIUS on the computer! :) smarty boy!

sooooo, we get ready for james to be leaving us again for a couple of weeks will be VERY NERVE RACKING because now with the added stress of the seizure precautions and all the night time stuff we have to do, we TONS of appts coming up! last week it was all about me and my dental issues and this coming week matthew has 3 appts!! and we just lost our PT person due to her having some serious personal health issues at home.....we have praying that all goes well for her and her family!!! so now we are having to wait to see when and IF he will be able to get a PT person to work with him.....GOD WILLING it will not be too long between his last PT session (6/28) and his next one....