Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

wow, we went on...

ANOTHER awesome train!! we went on the BERTRAM FLYER and the boys were SOOOO EXCITED!! (and so was mom!) it was an HOUR train ride one way and then it turned around at bertram and came back! during the ride, we just saw the countryside and just enjoyed the ride. alex got up a couple of times to walk on the moving train!! it was kinda warm though for matthew but he did great! we had to wet him down a bit to keep him cool! but man, it was a BLAST!! alex was soooooooo excited and on the train ride back, he fell asleep!! sooooo cute! the rythm of the train caused ALOT of people to fall asleep! daddy included! anyway, we bought him a engineer hat and a shirt that says "future engineer" on it for his birthday and matthew got a shirt too! we are thinking of buying some tickets for THOMAS TRAIN RIDE here is austin! he is actually coming and will pull the train for a 30 min ride and sir topmhat will be there too!! :) we just have to decide if we take the chance because the tickets are already on sale and the event isn't until nov 2!!! that is right in the heart of SICK SEASON for matthew........we will have to act FAST because they have already sold over 4 thousand tickets for this 3 day event!! take the chance or not....?!?!?!?!

anyway, we have had a BLAST here seeing james!! it has been such a GREAT TIME just being with him! the boys are little FISH! we went swimming here 2 times and the boys LOVED IT! matthew always had a his "lip" going when we had to take him out! we have this ring that has a double ring and mesh in between and he had a BLAST in that! and he kicked and did tons of excercises in it! and alex did an AWESOME job by getting a bit braver in the water on his own! he had his lifevest and at first, he would not let go but now, he DOES!!! :) and kicks and swims! we also went to CABELAS OUTDOORS and that is an AWESOME PLACE! i am not much of an fisher/hunter person but i LOVE going there!!! there is sooooooooo much to see.....VERY NICE!

the boys are getting sad because it is almost time to return home again. :( but we are planing to come back on wed afternoon for a couple more days and then come back on friday when daddy comes back...YIPPEEE!! and i am leaving some stuff here so that i don't have to take it back with me when i leave!! soooooo, now alex and daddy are going to go swimming while matthew takes a small nap (I HOPE!) he might throw a fit cause daddy and brother are going swimming and he is NOT!! but it is TOOOOOOO HOT for him to be out there at noontime!!


Gonzo said...

Babe and boys I had a wonderful time while ya'll where here with me on this little vacation. Can't wait till Wednesday!!