Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

can't do with out some excitement!!

well, i sure hope everyone had a GREAT holiday!!! as for us, well, we actually had a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS DAY!!! :) sooooo happy! but there was some drama yesterday while matthew took his nap...james and i acutally talked about the possibility of him having a seizure while we were at grandmas....i was bummed because should he have had it we would have most likely ended up at WHMC and i was not to thrilled with that possibility....don't get me wrong it is a GREAT hospital but they don't KNOW matthew....anyway, sunday night his pulse dropped into the 40's and james let me know this...well, when he finally went down for a nap, i was determined to watch him and sure enough, within him going down about 10 mins, BAM!! he started to have a facial seizure and it was BAD!!! he also turned a nice shade of blue...and where was all my stuff (pulse ox & oxygen?!) not near me!! so yelled to james to get me the stuff and i was trying desperately to wake him up and couldn't....i was REALLY REALLY REALLY sure that we were headed to the hospital...well, i asked all the kids (my neices & nephews who were standing by the door looking scared, poor kiddos) i asked them to come over and talk to matthew, and they DID!!! MADE ME SOOOO PROUD! they came over and got on the bed and all of them started to talk to him and poke at him until he got mad, woke up and started to cry and stop having a seizure and went back to sleep!!! by this time, james came in with the pulse ox & oxygen but he was back to sleep and after checking his o2 sats, they were just fine...soooooo, that was our excitment for the day!! it sure did freak me OUT!!!

and then today, tuesday, he did it AGAIN!! i finally had to call his neuro and ask him should i just use the diastat when he starts havng one and he said no, to give him one of his KLONOPIN tablets after a "cluster' seizure and just see what he does...if he has ANOTHER seizure, then i am to administer the diastat....well, i gave him his KLONOPIN and that seem to do it....

sooooo, we are BACK ON THAT ROLLER COASTER....we had gotten a break there for a bit but it seems that was not to be for long!! just enough to get our break and a deep breath and get right back on......i LOVED MY BREAK!!! :) sure wish it had been a bit longer though....