Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Monday, December 11, 2006

OH what a WEEKEND!!

well....on friday we decided to go meet james in FORT HOOD for the weekend!!! WOOOHOOO! we were all sooooo happy an excited! it is funny that last year, james was also here in fort hood during the holidays and that was how we got to go to the NATURE IN LIGHTS here in fort hood (the five mile stretch of lake that has MILLIONS of christmas light displays)...we took quantum (our dog) to the vet for his little vacation! i know he was NOT HAPPY but i just could not leave him at the house outside for 4 days in this cold!!! so we boarded him, he got his shots & a bath & dip! he probably thought he was in HELL but it had to be done! the kids and i left about 3pm and got stuck in AUSTIN TRAFFIC!! OMG, if you have ever gotten stuck in that...amazing!! it took me about an HOUR to get out of austin!!!!!!! anyway, kids did GREAT during the side stop, just drove straight thru! they sat and watched their movie and just were so excited that we were going to see daddy soon! we actually got at the hotel about 2 minutes BEFORE james got off work and got there (7pm)!! GREAT! soooooo last night we WENT TO THE LIGHTS!! wowowow...just as nice as last year!! unfortunatly it seemed that EVERYONE ELSE decided to be there too! so we did not make it to see santa at the cabin!! :( but that was ok....we might go again before we leave here...

saturday was very nice and relaxing!! people don't understand how NICE it is to be OUT OF MY HOUSE and away in a hotel for a bit!! the boys and i did NOTHING all day but watch tv, movies and play and RELAX!! it is DIFFERENT from being at home and doing nothing because when we are home, i end up cleaning, picking up after the kids, cooking etc and here i do NOTHING!! very nice!! james came home around 6pm and we went to eat dinner....then we went to this house that is just AWESOME and FANTASTIC!!! there are like a MILLION lights on it and there is one area that plays music and the lights light up in time with it!!! i will try to get some of it on video...we are planning to go tonight>..

sunday james got out by NOON!!!! yippppeeee!! and he is DONE instead of on tues! and today, matthew gave me a SCARE! yep, if you guessed he gave us a scare because he had a seizure, you were RIGHT! man, it had been a LONG TIME since one (back in oct)...he was taking a nap and the night before his heartrate had dropped down into the 40's (been a LONG TIME since that one too!) so i pointed it out to james and sure enough, the next sleep (sun nap) he had a small one!! :( it only lasted about 30 secs or so but just enough to give me a SCARE!!! anyway, sunday we spent some time roaming around FT HOOD and we went shopping at the PX and then we met james old army buddy & his family and we had dinner VERY NICE!! well, we took them to that house that has TONS of different stuff going on and they LOVED IT and so did alex (he fell asleep the first time we did it!)....well, we went back to the room to get ready for bed and i hear james yell...BABE COME QUICK! HIS G-TUBE IS OUT!!!! i was like, NO WAY!! so i run in and james said he saw it on the floor....well, normally, this would be a pretty simple re-insertion with no problems....well, there was a PROBLEM!! i couldn't get it in!! and i wasn't sure if it had been out for LONGER than just a couple of minutes and maybe it had been tucked in his shirt or something because when i attempted to try to get it in, i couldn't and he started to SCREAM!! i started to get a bit worried and i tried it again and after him just yelling i was able to push it in (sorry for the graffics but it was just like that!)....well, i was sooooo stunned by how hard it had been that i started to worry that maybe it had been out longer and it had closed up and was not in the right place off we went to the ER (darnel hospital at ft hood)....well, we get there and start the check in process when i hear james tell me, BABE GET A TOWEL QUICK....alex had THROWN UP!!!!!!!!!! and all over james!!! sooooo the matthew part was pretty cut and dry....went in, got xray and got cleared for intake and gave meds and left by midnight!! well, alex story was not so easy....after he threw up, james cleaned him up and then he did it again...and again....and again.....all night long (he had about 15+ episodes of this) my poor boy!!! he was sooooo scared and just didn't know what to do!!! no james is MY HERO!!! i just love this man and he just LOVES HIS BOYS!! he played a GREAT DAD that night with alex....he took care of him and cleaned him up and slept with him and got up with him when he did his thing and everything....such a WONDERFUL MAN!!! i say this because give me blood, give me poop, give me procedures suctions etc but DON'T GIVE ME THROW UP!!! i HATE IT!! i am probably the worst mom for saying that but i just can't stand the sight....uuuhhggg!!!! if i had to of course i would but man, i run the other way for that one!!!! yuck!!! anyway, my poor boy was just miserable all night...

well, on monday, after a sleepless night for alex & james and i, alex woke up looking ok...then he took a sip of drink and there we go AGAIN!!! soooo, i called our dr here in town and the nurse told me to take him to the ER since he had not peed in over 12 hours and was at risk for dehydration...sooooo, off we go AGAIN for alex this time to the ER.....THANK GOD it was pretty much an in and out thing...they just gave him some pedialyte frozen pops and some tylenol (had a slight fever) and that was it! they said he probably picked up a virus THAT QUICK at the ER or at the resterant!!! man....soooo, we drove home with no incidences and apparently after the out the mouth illness comes the back in kind!! FUN!! :)

soooooo, we are home!! we acutally had a GREAT TIME there except for the last couple of hours!! i enjoyed our stay at the hotel and just can't wait to do it again!! we just wanted to check out the FT HOOD hospital to see if it came up to snuff!! :)

anyway, i will upload some pics in a bit!!