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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

well....we survived...

yep, last night, matthew was officially in his OWN ROOM and ooooohhhhh how empty it seemed without him in OURS!! we were really sad but i know he was ok. the nurse came in a little after 8pm and she stayed till a little after was DEFINETLY different having someone in the house to watch over your special kiddo...she was good though. and of COURSE i didn't get much sleep! I think it will take me at LEAST acouple of days or more to feel relaxed enough to sleep. i slept with my GLASSES ON so that i could see the monitor...i might have to move it a bit closer so i don't have to! (defiently need to get my eyes FIXED!!!) but he did GREAT and there was no fuss or anything on his part! he did get miffed that his new friend came in the house and gave him a treatment and cpt and SUCTION at their meeting!!!!! he was not a happy camper but as soon as the meds kicked in he was off to lala land! and he had a pretty good night....she had to mess with him 2 times last night....the first about midnight or so (junky had to suction) and the 2nd about 3 almost 4 in the morning he started to desat (drop his oxygen levels) and she had to do some repositioning and all in all he had a nice night...

our room was LONELY!! you get sooooooo use to having someone else in the room with you that you MISS IT SOOOO MUCH when they are not there....we could see him on the monitor but not having him there to hear him breath, listen to his little movements or hear his alarm go off in our room was an experience!! i MISSED HIM SOOOOOOO!! it was sad to not have him there and our room felt SOOOOOO EMPTY!!! he is 30 months old and he was only not in our room whenever he was in the hospital...wowowowow...but i know this is BEST....and it will get better as i let go abit BUT JUST FOR THE NIGHT! it was hard...when you do all your childs treatments, suctioning, tend to all his medical needs and then give it up to someone else in your OWN home (not in the hospital) it is get ansy wanting to do it yourself and just watching them do it THEIR way and knowing that they have is hard....i stressed about them being in my home all week last week and my tummy let me have it by weeks end!! sooooooo much acid produced and even WITH my own nissenfundoplication (tummy wrapped around the esophegus to STOP acid from coming up (refluxing)) the acid was in my throat and in my mouth and just about everywhere else! i actually had to take some aciphex meds (prescribed) for the FIRST TIME in over 7 YEARS!!!!! since my surgery in '99, i had NOT been on ANY acid reducing meds! but with all the stress, well, there you go! BUT i am SOOOOO HAPPY to have them here and it will just take some adjusting on my part and getting us big DEAL!! and the GREAT thing about it is that the daytime nurse (she will be coming on thur & fri) i TRUST and i am SOOO HAPPY with and the night nurse is really nice too! just adjustments!!!

anyway, so, we surved the first night with matthew OUT of our room and into his OWN room and having a nurse for the night....not tooo bad!!! :)


Anonymous said...

I've been following along and wondering how you did last night. It must be HARD. It is hard for me to not have Zachy with us, and he sleeps in his room a lot!! I'm so happy for you though, that you will be getting some much needed sleep very very soon. ((hugs))