Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

WELL....another scary weekend...

yep, it has happened AGAIN!!! matthew has had another started LAST weekend while we were at ft hood and he had a small one on sunday...well, this weekend on SAT, 12/16/06, matthew had a small seizure that lasted about 30 sec THAT WE SAW....but the rest of the night, other than refluxing/throwing up, he did well....well on sat, during nap..he had a seizure (facial) but i was able to get him out of lasted about 30 sec or so...then after he went back to sleep, it happen AGAIN..each time, with a DIFFERENT way of happening...well, again, i was able to get him out of it....poor kid!! well, after he went BACK to sleep, he had been sleeping for about 20 mins of so and i had gone downstairs to finished getting things ready for a Christmas party we were going to when i look at the monitor and notice that his eyes are WIDE OPEN...i ran up the stairs and there he was AGAIN having a seizure...this time, i just went IMMEDIATELY to his DIASTAT (emergency seizure meds) and gave it to him...james runs in and i told him what was happening and he started to call 911....they got there and he was still seizing....he was TOTALLY unresponsive with eye WIDE OPEN...the fire department had been there before so they knew matthew...well, after the ambulance got there and they took him to the truck, i asked that the paramedics please check his CO2 leves because they are always WAY UP even though his o2 sats are fine and sure enough, they did and they started to BAG HIM because his CO2 levels were WAY HIGH!! (normal CO2 levels are 18-45?) and matthews were 70+!!!! he was breathing but not they bagged him and OFF we went with lights and sirens to the hospital....they were still bagging him and when we got to the hospital, they continued to bag him...the dr walked in and he remembered matthew and after reading the levels from blood, he said, "so, should we intubate him?"...all the nurses said, "yes" and then a hear a BEAUTIFUL voice, (RT J who has known him since birth) say, as he sits there bagging him "no, i think we should put him on BIPAP machine." i almost kissed him and i said, "thank you, j!! i don't think he needs it either!!!" soooo, the dr heard him and agreed to do that and they did, they put him on the bipap and he stayed on it for 2 hours and then as he was coming around, MATTHEW decided he didn[t want it anymore!! :) anyway, we were transfered up to PIMC for the night and he did REALLY GREAT....we came home yesterday after almost 24 hours there....i told matthew, 'YOU GET IT OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM BECAUSE THIS IS IT UNTIL AFTER THE NEW YEARS!!" :) he is doing great....i think, and so do the drs, that it was because of his tummy virus he has had since probably dehydrated, they only increased one of his night meds by .5ml!! very happy about that!! he has been doing SOOOOO GREAT on his dosage i didn't want to them to REALLY mess with it!!!

anyway, we are home and he is doing fine....we got a bit tooo comfy with no seizures since 10/1/06 that it really took us by surprise!! it has been REALLY NICE AND QUIET....i guess we needed a bit of our DRAMA to happen ONE MORE TIME before the year ends!!! :) you know matthew!!! sooo, all i can do is pray and continue to just keep watch over him!!