Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Hello Family & Friends!!

ho-ho-ho!!! MMMEEERRRRYYYY CHRISTMAS!!! wowowowowow...what a WONDERFUL year we have had....the good, the bad....we are HERE and we are ALIVE!! isn't that all that matters?!

MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! We wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!!

Wow…can you believe that 2006 is almost OVER?! Where has the time gone? I am just in AWE of all that has happened to our family this year….sooooooo much! Another year of being BLESSED and another year with our family of 4…that is ALWAYS a blessing! Never more so then after it could of NOT been….

Anyway, our little family is doing GREAT! We have been enjoying our holidays as a family, buying & wrapping and looking for that special gift…..YEA IT IS OVER!! Gotta love that!

Alex is doing great…he is doing soooooo well in his homeschooling. I am soooo proud of him! I can’t believe the things HE KNOWS! James and I just look at each other when he spouts off something or he starts playing a new game and figures it out QUICK with no instructions from us (and trust me, we are NO HELP since we usually have no clue what that game is!) He just amazes us! And THANK YOU GOD, he has been healthy! We all caught a tummy bug a couple of weeks ago but he got over it pretty quick but MAN it was soooo scary to see him so sick! And as ALWAYS he is such a GREAT big brother…always taking care of brother and making sure we know when matthew “has poop”…he is officially our poop monitor…he can tell across the room if matthew has done his business!! We just laugh! I can’t wait to see his eyes when he sees what Santa has brought him!!

Now onto matthew, well he has had a rough year…although he has grown and developed and this year at 20 months old, he learned to SIT on his own and then at 2 years old, he learned to go from on his back to sit too!! and gotten bigger, he also had TONS OF SEIZURES and all have been VERY SCARY and very bad. I felt so bad for him because he looked so helpless when he has those seizures…so NOT like our boy….and he has not let us relax our guard either….this past weekend was an VERY good example of that….james and I had just gotten too comfy when BAMMMM another BIG seizure…and again, we went by EMS and he almost was placed on a vent and he was BAGGED the whole way…wowowowow….i can’t tell you how crazy it has been and how just on edge it puts us…we just worry because his go on for a LONG TIME….but THANK YOU GOD, he comes out of them and he keeps on….smiling and happy….this last time, he is EATING AGAIN!! THANK YOU LORD! It is just soooo awesome to see him eat and and drink again! And eating WELL TOO!  happy happy! He also now has nursing care that we are SO happy about!!! It has taken a bit of an adjustment but I think we are getting it together….slowly but surely! Now just to keep healthy and developing that is the key…

James is doing so great too! He does his work so well and is always getting so many compliments on how well he does! I am so proud of him. I know that there is always the possibility of him being deployed so I just pray that WHEN it happens it will be further down the line when the boys are a bit older! But, only GOD knows when…

As for me, well, I am doing great. Just enjoying being a wife and mommy. I always feel and know I am so blessed with all that is going on in my life…I just feel like this is the PERFECT life for me! I look at my husband and feel blessed and so happy. I look at my children and see perfection and feel so much love, happiness and JOY that those precious kiddos are MINE!! Wowowowow….what a feeling!! THANK YOU GOD for all the blessings in my life!!

So, we hope that everyone has a WONDERFUL and SAFE holiday…..that everyone feels SOOOOOO BLESSED that they are ALIVE and have family & friends around them.

Many thoughts and prayers to all that are in need this Holiday season and always….many of our fellow special needs kiddos are either too sick to enjoy the holidays, are awaiting surgeries or in the hospital not feeling well, so our thought and prayers go out to them…we were there at the hospital during Matthew FIRST Christmas for 21 days so we know and we will pray….

please drop us an email or leave a comment here & let us know how you are doing!


Much love,
James, Maria, Alex & Matthew