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Thursday, February 22, 2007

got some GREAT news....

well, first, we are ALL DOING GREAT so that is always GREAT NEWS!!! :)

but i also got news that on tuesday 2/27, i will be getting the NT SCAN!! that is exciting because i was not sure they would actually get that for me or not!! so, we get to see our little one on that day!! and hard to believe but i am 11 weeks along now!!!! THANK YOU GOD!!! we are also having a DATING scan on 2/28!! sooo, TWICE is oooohhhh soooo nice!!! AND james gets to be there at both of them!!! acutally , the WHOLE FAMILY will be there for the one on tues!!!

then james gave me AWESOME news!! he has been out of town since tues and will be getting home tomorrow but he got to talk to his COMMANDER for his recruiting/retention area and he told him that he would NOT BE GETTING DEPLOYED this time around, not to worry!!!!! THANK YOU GOD!!! soooo, as of right now, JAMES SHOULD BE HOME FOR THE BABY BEING BORN, THANK YOU GOD!!!! of course, afterwards there is no guarente! i was REALLY worried about it because i will be having a scheduled c-section and that would mean i would not be able to carry MATTHEW for over 6 weeks!!! so, picture that, not being about to take care of your special needs boy!!! and although we have nurses, they are not 24 hours a day and they are not on during the weekend!!! we probably would have LIVED upstairs during the time i had no one and then he would have had to sleep with me on the futon, not his crib because i would not be able to pick him up!!! BUT THANK YOU GOD, WHO ANSWERS PRAYERS, james will be HOME, GOD WILLING during that time!!! i am sooooo happy!

anyway, just wanted to share my good news!


Anonymous said...

Oh Maria!!! I am SOOO happy. Matt and I were just talking about you guys last night, and how hard it would be for you with James being gone. God is good indeed!!!
Thursday is my big baby day!! Haven't mentioned it on my blog cause quite frankly, I don't feel like listening to people tell me about the evils of induction, yadda yadda. Just keep us in your's the moment of truth, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared. I push it away and try not think about it, but as you know, it's always there.
Anyway, congrats on all the good news, I'm really very very happy for you!!