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Saturday, February 10, 2007

remembering a dream....

ok, this is funny because as james and i were driving to the RODEO yesterday, i VIVIDLY remembered a dream i had told HIM about a LONG time ago.....probably about a year ago or so. this same stretch of highway was were i told him too!!

the telling to james went:

i remember driving down this highway and telling james, "don't get mad, but i had this dream." james was like, "ok, what dream?" i said, "i had this VIVID dream where GOD told me that i was not thru having children and that he showed me i would have a total of 2 boys and a girl!!" by this time, james was VERY ADAMANT that we were THROUGH having CHILDREN!!! NO MORE NO MORE!! so, he laughed and said, "well, i don't know WHERE you will get this girl because we are NOT HAVING ANYMORE BABIES!!" and i remember saying, "i don't know, i still feel like we are MISSING someone." he just laughed and was just saying, we are THROUGH!!

SOOOOO HERE WE ARE!!! we ARE PREGNANT and it was thru NO way trying or our TRYING to get pg like all the other times....JUST GODS WILL! i just believe SOOO MUCH that GOD did tell me we were destined to have ONE MORE we will see if my destiny is a GIRL or BOY (although in my dream GOD told me GIRL!)!! i would probably pass out if it was a GIRL because then it all came thru! after i reminded james about the dream he was kinda freaked out! he said, 'well, i guess it DID happen and you were RIGHT! BECAUSE we sure didn't "try" for this baby like all the others...."

AND something else, james use to just look at me whenever i would KEEP certain things (i personally think he was humoring me with it all)...i kept from my other pg some maternity jeans, shorts, a couple of outfits, a dress etc (and i had a garage sale and SOLD alot of the really old maternity stuff) and then i also kept some baby clothes (just everyday stuff nothing SPECIAL) and also some equipment that matthew was WAY TO OLD AND BIG to use but i just COULDN'T get rid of it!! just a feeling huh?