Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Monday, February 05, 2007


well, this morning at about 1230am, i got up to go pee and what do i see? PINK ON MY TP!!! wow, i kinda freaked!!! so i told james and just kinda just prayed the rest of the night away....well, at 6:00am, i get up to go to pee and this time i wipe and WOW, there was TONS of brownish discharge on my tp!!!! i was like, oh man!! what is going on?!?!?!?! so i immediately started to call and get an appointment and THANK GOD, i was able to get one asap!! so i went in at 0830 for blood work and then had my appt at had started to taper off by that when she did a vaginal, she SAW the brown blood (old) but said that the cervix was closed up tight and that it didn't seem like it was coming from there right now!!!! i was RELIEVED for that!!! then the dr came in and they did a first, he was really worring me because he was looking and looking and not saying i asked him "does the baby have a hb?" and he said, let me turn this around and you can see what i am seeing.....THAT ABOUT FREAKED ME OUT!!! so, i prepared myself and just prayed....well, then he turned it around and showed me the scan and said, that i was measuring 8w4d (and from my last sono at 6w1d i was suppose to be 8w5d but he said that other one was just an estimate) and then righ when i KNEW he was going to tell me they did not see a hb......THERE IT WAS!! he was like, 'oh, there it is!!" the baby turned a certain way and there it was!!! awwww....i was soooo happy!!! they couldn't measure or tell me what the rate was but he said it looked ok....he did say i was not out of the woods yet because he didn't know where that bleeding came from....then he put me on progesterone!!! yes, that one i have been TRYING to get on forever!! military is wierd! after i told him that i am USUALLY on it, he told me that if i had come to him at 6w then he would have put me on it ONLY FOR COMFORT MEASURE...i was like, HELLO!! i did come to you at that thime and i called dr s back to get them ordered and left TONS of messages and never recieved a call back!!! but he said, that he gave me enough thru 12 weeks.....

so now i PRAY!! i am still shaken by it all and just sad that it has happen because all was going soooo well!! GOD WILLING nothing else will happen and the baby will STAY PUT!!