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Friday, February 09, 2007

results are in for the sleep study....

well, we FINALLY go the results back from the sleep study done in jan!!!

well, let's see.....where should i BEGIN?!?!?! it WAS determined that he STOPPED BREATHING 33 TIMES during the 6 hours they measured!!! WOW!! but it was not BAD considering that his oxygen levels only dropped ONCE to 91% so they were ok with that (not putting him on bypap or oxygen at night)....soooo, then he had several episodes of SHALLOW BREATHING (which we figured cause sometimes you can't even tell if he is BREATHING or not!!) and once it lasted for MORE THAN A MINUTE!! THEN....he also has RESTLESS LEGS ALL DURING THE NIGHT....he moved his legs more than 200+ times during all that time!!! and then he said that it was probably caused by LOW IRON (we went to a WIC appt and they told me his iron was LOW and there you ARE) so we will be starting supplements SOON! he said that it was not that he didn't GET enough in his nutrition it was just that his body was not ABSORBING it! THEN he told me that he NEVER went into REM SLEEP(DREAMS).....i was concerned about that but he said that it was probably due to his meds....see and that was what got me that he was ALWAYS moving soooo much even DRUGGED the way he was!!! now we have a REASON(iron) for it! on the scale they use....a child normal is 1 and a adult normal is 5.....MATTHEW WAS 7!!! sooooo he was WAY OVER the "normal" limits which is NOT good! soooo, they dx him with OBSTRUCTIVE SLEEP APNEA and will be sending him to an ENT really soon! don't know if it is his tonsils... they just told us to WATCH him and see how he does....

sooooo there you are!! and also matthew gave us a SCARE on wed during his nap when he had TWO lasting 5 mins and the other 3 mins....LITTLE STINKER!! but we are NOT going to change his sz meds which are FINE BY ME!! i think he is at a GREAT dose! we just continue to WATCH HIM!!!