Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

wow! i got to see the BABY!

awww!! it was a GREAT experience!! i had the whole family there, dh and the boys and it went REALLY WELL!!! i think we were able to see about 30+ mins of baby!!! it was REALLY NICE!! i can't say i was not worried because I WAS!!! with my 2 bleeding episodes and not having ANY symptoms, i have been a bit nervous about it all....seeing the baby REALLY made me FEEL pg!!! it has been a GREAT PG with virtually NO SYPMPTOMS!! i have been saying if i didn't KNOW i was pg, i wouldn't have a CLUE! the 2 doctors that did the scan said that everything looked "normal" and no cause for concern! BABY G was asleep for a bit until i had to eat something to get the baby going!! it was sooooo awesome to see how BIG the baby IS!!! WOWOWOWOW!! this little one has GROWN sooooo much! and i actually don't have to go tomorrow for a dating scan because they did it this time around and my new due date is 9/6/07!!!! and i went from today being 11w6d to being 12w5d!! almost a WHOLE WEEK OLDER!!! hehehehehehe! i am sooooo excited to be moving onto the 2nd trimester in a couple of days and not even KNOWING IT!! and this due date actually coincides with my FIRST ultra sound done on 1/18....the one done on 2/5 had me a couple of days BEHIND the original one!! soooooo almost dead on with the first prediction!!! i think the first one had my due date at 9/ was sooooo awesome to see this one suck their thumb and, i am ALMOST out of the 1st trimester and i can OFFICALLY stop the progesterone!! good thing, i actually stopped last week (james was gone so i couldn't take them cause i get up several times a night with matthew)....

anyway, just had to share my GREAT news!!!