Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Monday, September 24, 2007

busy busy busy!!

well, it has been a busy week last week but we MADE IT!!! first, matthew has been sick but thank you GOD he is doing BETTER!!! :) he has been on TWO round of ORAL STEROIDS (this kid will be BUFF) and then a 10 day dose of antibiotics.....and TONS AND TONS of NEB treatments with both albuterol & atrovent! we also have started a new med for him called SINGULAIR....i just PRAY that these last 3 months are not an indication of what the winter months are gonna be like!!!! since july 12, he has been sick first for 7 weeks and now for 2 weeks!!! YIKES!!!!!! and it is not like we go anywhere!! we think he is picking it up at his therapy sessions....we just have to be more careful now!! i am hoping the nurses do a better job in germ control....anyway, he is doing REALLY good and starting MONDAY, he is starting PRESCHOOL HOMEBOUND!!! i am soooo happy and excited for him!! his teacher comes in 4 times a week for an hour! he is a very busy guy! his language is coming along well too! just the other day, he CLEAR AS DAY said OUTSIDE!!!! he wanted to go OUTSIDE and kept saying it!!

alex is doing wondeful in class!! he aslo had his 2nd day of sunday school and he did GREAT!! i am sooooooo proud of him! he made it thru the whole thing!!!

james is doing great too! he works 12 hours on and 24 off and he is basically a prison guard! i told him, you go into work with A BIG SMILE on your face and you make sure everyone knows how HAPPY you are to do what you are doing!!!!! id on't want them to get any ideas that he is not happy and put him on a different duty!! he laughs at me and agrees with me! i am soooo happy he is where he is! he also calls me almost everyday!! that is sooooo nice!! 8 more months......