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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

hello everyone...

well, all is going well with my little family!! joshua is getting fuller, you can tell. last week, he lost some weight but i think he MUST be gaining it back! on thurs he was down to 5lbs 9oz but by friday he was up to 5lbs 13oz!! :) he is such a cutie and we have our FIRST BURPER!!! yep, out of all three babies, i have not had any that actually BURPED!!! alex NEVER burped no matter HOW much you pounded on the kid and joshua does!! he is such a cutie! he also has spit up 3 times now! another first! and he is a crier! the other 2 really never cried and when they did, we were in awe of them! joshua can cry! but i LOVE IT! all his little newborn clothes don't fit him! thye are too big!! i LOVE it! also, we hade to go out and by more NEWBORN DIAPERS because we didn't think we would need that many but BOY where we WRONG! the little tabs actually OVERLAP they are so big!!! but he looks soooo cute in them! he is also pooping and peeing GREAT!!

well, james called today and it was soooo nice to hear from him! we talked for about 30 mins and it was just NICE!! i love being able to talk to him. we didn't talk AT ALL yesterday and that was the FIRST TIME since he left that we had not talked ALL DAY! but i know it will be harder now so i understand! he just wanted for me to let everyone know that he is doing FINE and that it is VERY VERY HOT out there! he said something like 120 degrees!!!! they have been just hanging out at this camp in KUWAIT called CAMP BUEHRING and he said it is really nice for a base in the desert! they have a HUGE dinning hall out there and he said it was kinda wierd how they get transported places. they have to be in a bus with the windows closed and curtained off. kinda spooky! he said that they should be transporting them over to their base camp on THURSDAY and i think i mentioned that their base camp is called CAMP BUCCA and GOD WILLING this is where he will STAY and not MOVE FROM!! he told his commander that he wants to run the GYM or KITCHEN DUTY if he has too!! :) such a funny guy! i love him! anyway, he is doing fine just missing his boys. he said he will soon have the internet so he can contact everyone that way!! he has also put in for leave in december sooooo that will be nice! :) GOD WILLING they will let him come home! he wants to be here for CHRISTMAS for the boys.....i also have given him the link to post directly onto the blog so he will be doing that STRAIGHT from IRAQ soon! so be on the look out....he said he wants to post some pics from over there!!

well, off to go run some errands now that matthew is almost asleep!! i will update some more soon!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I just stumbled onto your blog, and wanted to thank you and your husband for your sacrifices. I will be praying for you both.