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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


what do i mean? it means, if you know ANYBODY, someone from the office, family, friends, even someone you don't know, and they are DEPLOYED OVERSEAS....SEND SOMETHING!! my cousin left for a year deployement and just came home in june and i NEVER SENT HIM ANYTHING.....NOW, i feel SOOOO BAD!!! i didn't know....i don't think ANYONE knows how truly IMPORTANT it is to get SOMETHING FROM HOME unless you have been thru it somehow personally either thru being the soldier or their family....even recieving something from a stranger!!! let me tell you a dh's roommate had not recieved ANYTHING FROM HOME....nothing during all this time since june.....i think i mentioned this in a previous post...anyway, i went ahead and asked a couple of people if they would like to "adopt" this soldier....and THEY DID!! and james had told me that he had started to get really grouchy and such and just cross....well, the day right before thanksgiving, he recieved his FIRST package from a REALLY great friend of mine and her family and james said that from one day to the NEXT, his WHOLE personality CHANGED....james said he was HAPPY, SMILING AND JUST LAUGHING AGAIN!!! just one little package did all that...he must have felt soooo alone out there, when everyone else was getting SOMETHING and this guy was not......just ONE LITTLE PACKAGE, did that!! and since then, he has recieved a couple more!!! what a FEELING for ME it was to hear this!! he is LOVED by all of us....we need to support our troops, near and far....ONE LITTLE PACKAGE would do it!! so, if you know of someone that is deployed, SEND SOMETHING!!!! it doesn't cost is some info to help you do it:

there are FREE BOXES provided by the POSTAL SERVICE that are called FLAT RATE BOXES ($8.95 TO SHIP). you just ask for them and they will give you as many as you need. there are 2 sizes to chose from! it is the cheapest way to go unless you are planning to send a small package (tiny)...if you decide that you will need to send it something that is not in a flat rate box but your own, remember to send it PRIORITY MAIL because if you send it parcel post, it will take TWO MONTHS to get there!!! also, you have to declare whatever you are sending so you will have to ask for a INTERNATION SLIP for the box. no big get a box and STUFF IT and return it back to the post office and they will send it on it's way!......and it does NOT matter how HEAVY they box matter what, it is only going to cost you a total of 8.95!!! i have sent a package that was ALMOST 17 can put A LOT of stuff in there!!

these soldiers miss EVERYTHING FROM HOME....that means the littlest things, sundays cirulars, are a GREAT thing to send because just to SEE stuff, is awesome!

anyway, i just had to post about this....also, if you make cards, make a WHOLE BUNCH and SEND THEM!!!! why? they send them to families and friends....i have recieved such NEAT cards from james that someone made for the troops....really CUTE cards that i know were handmade....what a GREAT way to share your talent!! if you have stationary send that too!!

anyway, i just had this on my mind and i hope that if you know SOMEONE, ANYONE that is deployed, PLEASE find the TIME & the LOVE to do this for could mean the difference in the soldiers be grumpy, sad, upset, angry to one being HAPPY, LOVED AND SMILING!! what a difference!! soooo, a soldiers ANGEL.....