Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Saturday, May 24, 2008


yep, THURSDAY while i was upstairs, my little guy started to CRAWL!!!! awwwwww....i am so happy?!?!? i am not sure on that but right now i am!! it is sooo cute to see his little tush in the air as he crawls about...he is LOVING IT and loves to go everywhere now...he is off and running!!! toooo cute!! unforutnatly, he has been sick exactly a week today...we went yesterday to his well baby (15 lbs 4 oz) and all check out well but he is WHEEZING!! we took him to the dr on MONDAY and he was just junky so they called it a COLD...well, yesterday, he was STILL wheezing and junky so they gave him an antibiotic and on neb treatments for a week!!! i wonder if he will have respiratory issues now? he has had them at LEAST 4 times since he was born..hmmmmm...

no news yet on james...GOD WILLING he will call with news that he can come home EVEN for a couple of days!! we shall see...still praying!!! but i love being able to call him...i think that is the HIGHTLIGHT of the can NEVER understand how much calling someone feels like until you can't! when he called me the first day that he was in the u.s. i IMMEDIATELY called him back BECAUSE I COULD!! for a whole year now, i have had to WAIT for a phone call from him and not have that CONTROL to be able to call him when i needed to or wanted...what a BLESSING!! i love just being able to pick up the phone and CALL HIM....THANK YOU GOD!! :)

well, MATTHEW is SICK RIGHT NOW.,....we had a ROUGH day last night....he got junky 2 weeks ago yesterday and on tuesday night, he spiked a fever!!! GRRRRRR....then after that he just had a low grade temp and then on thursday, he started to reflux after his food and then he desated and then he spiked a TEMP!!! SAME for friday we took him to the dr and he sent us over to get an XRAY at the hospital... and last night, it was AWEFUL! he was up all night coughing and choking..i had to do some treatments and suctioning and then i had to give him motrin cause he spiked another temp at 4am!!! GOD WILLING this will all clear up...did i forget to say he is STILL on antibiotics>! where is this coming from?!

ANYWAY, it will be a quiet weekend...i don't have any nurses this weekend until tuesday and that is OK with me!! i sometimes enjoy just our family time togehter...the nurses have been WONDERFUL but sometimes just being a family is PERFECT!!!