Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Saturday, May 03, 2008


well, WE HAD A GREAT TIME TODAY!!! we actually had such an awesome STARLIGHT ESCAPE!! today, we headed 110 miles outside of san antonio to LA GRANGE, TX!! it was my mil & my boys and was a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!! it was not a cloud in the sky but it was windy but OH how cool it was...just PERFECT!!! we had not made it out to a STARLIGHT FOUNDATION adventure since march so we were SOOOOOOOO in need on a get away!!! we had some drama because alex, when he doen't know what we are goint to do, will tend to PANIC and say that he doesn't want to do it and just keep repeating it until he lets it take over....well, he said he did NOT like cowboy parties and he did not want to go!! after i told him he could stay with grandma if he wanted, he said, NO, i will GO...i just told him he did not even KNOW what type of party this was!!! so, we make the trip which was REALLY nice and we got there around 1200 and it was at this RANCH out there and the coordinator said that there would be some long horns that you couldn't miss...WOW, was she right!! they were HUGE BEYOND anything!! so, we get there and at first i thought, oh, this will NOT work...i had matthew in his chair and it was ROUGH terrain but we managed and as we sat down, we were given BACKPACKS for the boys (really nice) with stuff in them, each of them got a STICK HORSE (TOOO CUTE! and some where HANDMADE!), they got cowboy hats....we got to eat some YUMMY BBQ with all the fixings and just sit and enjoy the show..they had a choir out of LA GRANGE sing for us (beautiful) and then me and alex & matthew got to go on a FUN HAYRIDE!! we got pulled all over the ranch, got to touch a pony, see some long horns and just have a GREAT TIME!! then we got back and we got to eat some CAKE (my favorite!!) and then they gave us some KITES and we got to FLY THEM and they were SOOOO MUCH FUN!! and they were beautiful, everyone's flying so high in the sky!! the one that did NOT want to go, had a BLAST!!! and so did we all! another wonderful ESCAPE ADVENTURE put on by STARLIGHT!!! it was so much fun seeing all the kids have such a great time...we had a great little trip and it all turned out great!! here are some pictures of ourday!!..

matthew pointing...

my mil & josh with the choir behind...

alex haming it up for the camera..

some long horns on the ranch....

kites in the sky in front of the HUGE HUGE LONG HORNS!! :) look at that BEAUTIFUL texas sky!!!


Holly said...

I know I have never met James but from all the pictures I have seen -- But he looks like his Mom -- you can see a great resemblance in that picture up there! (don't tell me if he was adopted - I hate feeling stupid!)