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Friday, May 02, 2008

update on matthew....

well, we have been REALLY BUSY this week with has been a bit crazy to be exact!!! matthew still has a rash so on thursday we had a MARATHON of a day!!! well, first, i didn't have a nurse that day so i was on my own with my 3 kiddos...we left the house at 9am because matthew had his FIRST appt with his new ENT...he actually said that he was very happy with matthew sinus and that everything looked GREAT!! he said he had great anatomy!! YIPPEE!! he also said that his tonsils and adnoid sites looked great, so there goes my theory about the T&A!!! well, while i was out, i called his pedi and asked if he wanted to see matthew since he was STILL sick and i was in the area...he said, that he did so after our appt, we headed down the road to the PEDI....well, he was really surpised that he still had that rash ALL OVER!! so he prescribed ZANTAC becuase it is an H2 blocker but to continue benadryl because it is an H1 blocker?!?!?! anyway, did i mention that he is JUNKY AGAIN?! yep, it took him exactly 3 DAYS after getting off of his antibiotic (due to the reaction) for him to get JUNKY AGAIN!! fustrating!! he told me, "HE SOUNDS HORRIBLE!!!!!" when he was checking out his lungs!! and i told him, and he remembers that on MONDAY he was CLEAR AS A BELL!! i told him, that that is what is so fustrating to me...why is it that when he is on antibiotics, he is CLEAR and not JUNKY but since june, when he is off of them, he gets junky?!?!? what is the MYSTERY!!!! it is very fustrating for me as a parent because i HATE to see him SICK!! and that is all i have seen of him unless he is on an antibiotic!!! and i SURE don't think it is something he should be on for the REST OF HIS LIFE!! and i don't think he CAN be!!! so he wanted us to see his pulmonologist so off we go from there to ANOTHER drs appt!!! yep, 3 today and i was by myself!! so, we head over there and after spending close to 4 hours there, we leave there with ORAL STEROIDS (he is wheezing and junky all over), OMNICEPH AS A PROPHOLACTIC (AGAIN!)...fustrating!!! she did say after i gave her my FUSTRATION on the antibiotics she said that IT'S OK...not to worry that we are HAPPY that they take care of the problem becuase the worst case would have been that they DID NOT take care of his problem...which is true...she said that this to shall pass and GOD WILLING he will get over this....i love my son sooooo much and i am so sad to see him have to take so much med!! tonight, i felt crazy because i gave him 8 medications before he went to sleep!! YIKES! soooo much....

on a side note, tomorrow, my mil and the boys and i are heading out of town to a STARLIGHT STARBRIGHT EVENT in LA GRANGE, TX!! it is out at a RANCH and sounds like it will be a BLAST!! i will have to let ya'll know all about it tomorrow!!!


Bekki said...

Hey! Just popping by to say hello. Man, I have GOT to do the starlight thing..why didn't I?? Zachy had surgery and I Forgot all about it. Dang..wonder if I still have the info. Also, I didn't get a postcard about MLH last month, so forgot about that. I really want us to get there..but for some reason, something always comes up. I hope all is well with you, sorry to read that Matthew is STILL battling crud. I'm so excited for you that James will be home so soon! Love ya!

Holly said...

wow poor little Matthew -- man can't he get a break!! poor guy!

I feel so bad for you too, I can only imagine the frustration you must be dealing with. poor little mama!

you are surely one of the strongest women I have ever known -- which is good because I can see where Matthew gets his strength from!!