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Friday, May 16, 2008

well, just something i feel so BLESSED about...

well, i just had to blog about this...why? because i feel SOOOOO BLESSED and PROUD of something that MY WONDERFUL HUSBAND AND I have done is not anything HUGE to anyone else, just our family but it is HUGE in our family....what?! well, we were BLESSED to be able to pay off MY TRUCK, OUR BOAT and MY STUDENT LOAN (FINALLY!!)!!! i am soooo happy! we made a decision that instead of blowing our IRS money on something silly, we would PAY OFF some bills....soooo, combined with his bonus that he recieved due to re-enlisting over there, we were able to PAY THESE THINGS OFF!!!! how AWESOME is that?!?!?! and i know i FEEL SOOOO GOOD!! and we are not just going to SPLURGE on that extra money that we have, instead we will apply THOSE PAYMENTS towards our RV so that we can GOD WILLING pay that off SOONER!!!!! they are already in our budget so we are just going to act like they are still THERE!! i know i am so excited about it!! it is just such an accomplishment for my family to do this! i am so excited to pay them off......WWWOOOOOOHHHOOOOOOO!!!

ANYWAY....i know you have noticed the new SONGS on my blog....if you haven't guessed, just songs that have the word "HOME" in it and have meaning for my wonderful husband coming HOME!! if you know of another song, LET ME KNOW, and i will see if i can upload it so we can hear it!!


Bekki said...

Oh Maria..that is SO awesome! We are using ours to pay off credit cards. I wish we didn't have them, then we could pay off big things like you. We are so trying to be debt free!
I'm anxiously awaiting the post that says, "JAMES IS HOME!" I cannot wait for you guys!!!

MaBunny said...

Oh Maria I am so happy for you.
We used some of ours to send out daughter to summer camp, a first for her, she is ecstatic!
Hope you have a great weekend