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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

MY precious alex....

last night, he was sooooo excited because tomorrow was matthews birthday!! he told me, "i am so happy and excited because after tomorrow, matthew will be 4 and he will sleep in my room and i will get to sleep on the top bed!! i am so excited" i had to let him know that probably not this year but maybe in a couple of years...

well, this morning, i am in matthews room (after starting with DRAMA last night by spiking a fever, desating and coughing and this morning at 4:30am waking up because he had a 102.5 temp!! couldn't help NOT having DRAMA on his birthday!)...alex walks into matthew room and i told him "come over and say GOOD MORNING and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to matthew" so, he comes over with this happy smile and as i am picking up matthew out of his bed/crib, alex smile gets WIPED AWAY and he says "he is still a BABY!! he is still wearing DIAPERS!!!" OMG, i busted out LAUGHING and i had to explain to him that YES he is 4 years old but he is a special little boy and right now, he can not do the things that a "normal" 4 year old can do but GOD WILLING in his future he will catch up! that seemed to pacify him until he said, "when he is 5....."


Anonymous said...

Maria and family... I am sharing tears reading pages of your lives. I am so happy to have virtually met you and know about you. I feel a better person just being inspired by your love and strenght. As mother of two and wife of military I know how hard can be cover that role. You Maria are my inspiration! I pray and wish you guys the most blessed life, And for Mattew I wish him always to have you guys love around, as companion of his special life. Go Matthew, you are so special. God bless you and always protect you.

take care all!