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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

another one....

OH GOD, i just don't know what to think anymore....matthew had ANOTHER seizure last night...i am getting worried that this will be an everyday thing if they can't get them controlled.

i had had my dental surgery early am yesterday and had been taken care of GREAT by james. he did such a WONDERFUL job taking care of me!!! I SO LOVE THAT MAN! he did a WONDERFUL job taking care of the kids too! :) he made mention of the fact that he was on his feet ALL DAY and cleaning and taking care of the kids and after the day was done, it looked like he never did anything!!! i told him WELCOME TO MY WORLD! that is something i LOVE about him, he admits stuff like that!

anyway, i had held off taking my night dose of my pain meds because i wanted matthew to be TOTALLY ASLEEP for fear that he would have another seizure and lo and behold he DID! i was laying there watching tv with my ice pack when matthew gave a cough, james JUMPED UP and ran over to him and our clue that he is having one is EXCESSIVE SALIVATING, and he WAS! i could tell this was going to be a BAD ONE so i told james to get the OXYGEN and we hooked him up to his pulse ox and watched him and talked to him.....we had to give him DIASTAT meds about 5 mins in and after another 8 mins, they stopped. why did we not call ems? GUT INSTINCT!!! i had a peace inside me that said he WOULD stop. and he did! maybe it was the fact that he did NOT clench and unclench his fist that clued me in, i don't know....but THANK GOD he went to sleep after wards. we kept checking him but he was truely asleep. we also had to give him a neb treatment because he was REALLY CONGESTED afterwards and we kept him on about .5 of oxygen but he did well the rest of the night. i have noticed that recently he has started whimpering at maybe he is going thru a growth spurt? molars? something is triggering them!!! i will be calling the dr TODAY to get an appt!!!

and on another note, my CAP that they did on THURSDAY actually hurts MORE than what they did YESTERDAY!! so i will be calling my dentist too!! :(


Bekki said...

I'm so sorry Maria. I wish you had some answers for why these are happening, sometimes not knowing is the worst thing.
((Hugs)) You're such an awesome mom, your kids are lucky to have you.
Hope your mouth feels better!