Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Monday, March 17, 2008


WELL, alex is doing really well!! i am so proud of him! he has really started to understand that when i need him to listen, he DOES! he looks sooo handsome and is always asking so many questions....he is so smart! he loves to READ!! i am so proud of him! i tried to read to him but HE wanted to do that....and he did! he is reading really really good! and he LOVES math! he enjoyes it so much! i am just so proud of him....i am getting ready to look around to see what curriculum we will be having him on next year...wowow... he will be in 1st grade...i can't believe that!! i am just so amazed by him! he is so smart and he is really just getting to be such a BIG BOY!! he tells me all the time now, "no mom, i will do it!' or "I want to do it mom" and he loves to help me wash the dishes and to bring in the groceries!! wow! and he get's himself dressed everyday, reads his work directions everytime, and just loves to really be INDEPENDENT!! so proud...he loves to play with joshua and loves to hear him laugh...he is also starting to play with MATTHEW which is AWESOME because he does not normally do that but now he does. he also has a memory like an ELEPHANT (i think that is the animal!) like today, i asked him, "how old are your cousins going to be?" and he will calmly tell me how old each of them will be! and if i give him a BIG list of things we have to do (say 7) i will ask him what the first thing we have to do, he will tell me, we will do it and then i ask for the next thing and so on and HE WILL GET IT EXACTLY RIGHT!! i am just impressed! he will also not let me forget if i told him something!

anyway, he has been REALLY missing daddy...i think that he, like me, is starting to REALLY feel the gap or we are getting anxious about him GOD WILLING comeing home SOON! he has really been asking for his daddy and talking about daddy and how much he misses him....i am so sad for alex cause he is such a DADDY'S BOY!!

anyway, alex is doing GREAT!!