Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Saturday, March 08, 2008


hello there!! i am soooo excited to be joining everyone in the ULTIMATE BLOG PARTY hosted by 5 minutes for MOMS!! my first time hosting a PARTY!! WOO-HOO!! my name is MARIA and my dh and i have 3 BEAUTIFUL BOYS!! i started this blog a couple of years ago so that our family and friends could keep up with us....this blog has seen the homeschooling and growing up of ALEX our oldest, it has seen a lot of DRAMA (from my beautiful miracle MATTHEW) who is our SPECIAL NEEDS BABY (tons of drama there!!), the BIRTH of our newest addition JOSHUA and to the deployement of our daddy/husband to IRAQ in june 2007....we are just soooo blessed to have our family....we are a family that is so IN LOVE with each other and just enjoy being a part of ONE!! I FEEL SO BLESSED!

some interesting links for our family...

our 10th wedding anniversary (2007)


alex 4 year birthday (2006) (he is 5 now)


WHY our matthew is our MIRACLE GOD showed us a miracle in him (warning:graphic pictures included of matthew)


thanks for stoping by!! hope to meet ya'll soon!!

if you would like to JOIN in the party, click on the ULTIMATE BLOG PARTY button the right and it will take you where you need to go!!! or click on THIS!!! SO MUCH FUN to meet so many new friends!!! and all the blogs (over a 1000 for you to visit!!) bye for now!!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I came here through the BLogger Party! Your children are so cute! That tiny little baby is adorable!

Mom2Girls said...

Hello!! Your family is absolutly beautiful!! God Bless your DH - hope he is home with you soon. I hope you have fun at the blog party and I will visit again. - Christina

KarenW said...

I'm a homeschooling mom too! You have a beautiful family.

Cindy Swanson said...

Hi there! What a beautiful family you have...and I so admire your faith and graciousness. Blessings to your husband for serving his country, and to you for being so gracious in the circumstances.

Anonymous said...

I am sure i live with happily family. I am glad found it in MyBlogLog.
God bless you!

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

you have beautiful boys!
my son's name is Matthew too! I pray for your miracle baby to continue to be well .. and your family to stay safe and blessed!

Maria said...

Hi Maria, and thanks for stopping by my blog! I really enjoyed yours, and liked your comment on mine. What I really wish is that I could send my son to school a few days a week, and homeschool him for the rest. Stop by again!

Anonymous said...

I'm inviting you to party with me!

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Happy Partying!

momtofivekids said...

Looks like you have a beautiful family! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Blessings!

Anonymous said...

You have a precious family! I have three boys myself and one little princess! I look forward to getting to know you through your blog!

MT said...

God Bless your boys, and as a former military wife I have to say God Bless you for parting with your husband so he can protect us all.

Your littlest is adorable...almost enough to make me want a fourth...almost!

Thanks for stopping by Writer-Mommy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria,

Keep the faith! I enjoyed reading about your faith in God on your 'About Me' page.

Looks like you like Christian Fiction. A friend of mine is starting a new blog - it is a fiction blog written by two of the ladies in her soon-to-be published book, Pages from Paddlebrook. If you get a chance, head over to my blog and from there you'll see the link to DK's blog. Here blog is going to be a blast I'm sure!!

My blog:
Oh, and thanks so much for stopping by earlier and leaving me the message!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria
Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have a beautiful family. Look forward to reading your blog

Mama Kat said...

Hi Maria,
Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your boys are so beautiful and I will say prayers for your husband. It must be so hard to have him far away.

The Buntens said...

Hola! Your family is beautiful and you look so happy!
Thank you for sharing so much of your story here. It was fun stopping by!

Carisa said...

Wow, I watched your video of your precious Matthew, wiping away the tears as I write. Thank you for sharing that personal journey, I am going to kiss my boys as the sleep right now.

God Bless your beautiful family!

Lisa said...

Hi, and thanks for stopping by my blog! Wow,your site is so full of family and love, thanks for sharing your story..

Susannah said...

So blessed to meet you. Your family is to treasure. Prayers for your husband in Iraq. Stop by my party when you get a chance.


e-Mom @ Chrysalis

Holly said...

happy blog party!!

this is fun thanks for inviting me :)

Stephanie Precourt said...

You do have a very blessed family! Thank you for stopping by my party, too!


janna said...

Nice to Cyber meet you!

fAiThFuL cHiCk said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

God bless your family for serving this country. And thank you.

faithful chick

onemotherslove said...

Thanks for visiting & it was great to meet you! I'll say a prayer for your DH's safety!

Our Story: Continued said...

Hey Maria! I joined the Ultimate Blog Part at my other blog!! Scroll down a couple posts to see our party! WOO HOO!

MaBunny said...

Hola Maria!!
Thanks for visiting my blog. Thought I'd hop o over to yours for a peek and am loving the flag background. My husband and I have several friends who are in the military,have been deployed but are home safe now as your DH will be hopefully soon.
Where abouts in Texas are you? I'm in Dallas.
I too LOVE anything by NORA ROBERTS and can't wait for that second book in her newest trilogy to come out ( it comes our just before my birthday- my hubby has already been notified, lol).
I started to watch the pictures of your miracle Matthew, but am monthly hormonal atm and the music alone was making me want to bawl, so I will look at those later.
You truly are blessed. I don't homeschool, but have a rl and blog friend who does. She is an LDS mom to a brood of 5.
Contact me by e-mail or revisit my blog to let me know whereabouts in TX you are!!
Take care

Alene said...

Beautiful family. Beautiful site. We are retired military. Your page blesses me so. Blessings from a fellow Texas!

Christy said...

Love your blog. Matthew is a miracle. I am blessed to have a Matthew too. He will be 13 in August. I hope hubby starts feeling better quick. See you here or at the Lounge. Have a best blessed night.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love the USA flag background on your blog. You have a cute family!

Blessed said...

Thanks for stopping by my party! You have a beautiful family!

Here's hoping your DH gets better and gets home safely!

Ms. Kathleen said...

What a gorgeous family you have! I love the little miracle story. So wonderful how God is in control. Praying for your husband. You tell him how proud my family is that he is serving his country. My hubby is a Vietnam Vet, my brother a 22 year veteran - Desert Storm and the list goes on and on.

So nice to "meet" you! God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Thank your husband for his service. I'm so thankful for the soldiers and their families. Praying for his safe return! Hope you can visit my party!

momtofivekids said...

I'm stopping by to let you know that you won an Usborne Book prize at my Ultimate blog party drawing. Please e-mail me at and let me know where I should send it. Thanks!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will come back and visit when I have more time but your boys are precious.


Unknown said...

Still hopping from blog to blog... my goal is to post at each blog at least once. Nice to meet you. Happy blogging!