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Monday, March 17, 2008


so, i will start with matthew, which is where i left off originally....matthew is doing GREAT THANK YOU GOD!! i am just so happy that he is just keep clear for now...he is still on his antibiotics until the 25th when he will be having his CT SCAN of his LUNGS AND SINUS...they are trying to find out if there is ANYTHING that is infected in there or WHAT!! he has been sick since june!!! poor guy!! anyway, he is doing WELL! he has also....drum roll please....he has STARTED TO EAT SO MUCH MORE THANK YOU GOD!! it started last friday, march 7th when he saw me feeding JOSHUA some cereal and it was ON!! he was too cute, making so much NOISE to get me to get him up at the table with us and that was it! he LOVES chicken noodle (like progreso soup) and he goes to TOWN!! and NOW, he wants breakfast, lunch and DINNER!! sometimes he eats TONS (ex. 1/2 cup of soup, 15 mcd's fries, bag of gerber puffs) wowowowow, that is AMAZING!! and that is in ONE sitting! he LOVES to eat! just today, he ate some terriaki chicken!! i am really nervous when he is eating meat but overall, he does well! and he likes to drink too! and he TELLS me he is hungry! he will start to cry out and when i ask him what he wants, he signs, EAT and MORE!!! and then when i put him on his chair he gets soooooooooo excitED! and then just yesterday, HE STOOD UP!! he pulled himself UP to STAND BY HIMSELF! he can do it if we are holding his hands and yesterday, i was nursing joshua on the couch and he wanted to stand up and i told him i couldn't help him so, HE DID!! awww, he was so proud of himself! he is so tall! you just forget cause you don't normally see him standing! and now, he also has some NEW AFO'S with articulating ankles (the have a joint and move) so now he is WALKING in his WALKER/GAIT TRAINER! i am so happy and excited! he could NEVER move forward in it, he just didn't have the strength to push off but now he does!!! and boy, you should see him on his little scooter car toy...he never went anywhere and now he scoots ALL OVER, back and forth!! even SIDEWAYS!! awww...he is getting so strong! and he is loving pulling up and moving around...i just PRAY he keeps moving FORWARD!! please GOD!!


Anonymous said...

I tagged you for a Meme, check it out on my blog!

MaBunny said...

YAY glad to hear he is doing well!! I too wear AFO's, my mother and I got diagnosed with a form of Muscular Dystrophy 5 yrs ago. I too wear the jointed ones where my ankle will move. They are too hot and sometimes I don't wear them, but I try to or my doctor will yell at me. gotta go finish getting kiddo ready for school
will read more in a bit